Welcome to the latest news from My Princess Escort services here in Bangkok.

We are now in the Hot Season or, more accurately the ‘Bloody Hot Season.’  Rumours have it that over the weekend temperatures in Bangkok will reach forty degrees in the shade!  It is, however, possible to keep cool and be hot at the same time – simply get yourself one of our lovely young ladies, go indoors, turn up the air con and then get hot with the lady of your choice!

Adding to the heat will be the new girls who will be appearing on the site over the next week or so.  I can assure you these are some scintillating girls who will soon become very popular students indeed.  I am waiting to do the pictures – where I will be helping the girls with their poses and trying not to be too creepy as I do so.

In all honesty operating a business like this is tough.  You get to see and meet all of these stunning girls, you see them getting made up and then looking ever so sexy but you cannot touch them.  It is never a good idea for any guy who has young ladies working with him to get involved with any of them, whether you run an Escort service like I do, a bar or a go-go.  Jealousy becomes rife and arguments ensue.  I like the quiet life too much to want to be the centre of any battle between the ladies.

The S.E.O company started work on our site on Monday and are now implementing our proposals.  The first month should see us start to move upwards on the Google rankings for Bangkok Escorts and Bangkok Escort Services.  We should also have a Facebook page designed and implemented and closer links with some of the web portals that list Escort Service directories.

May is already starting to look like the type of month I imagined when My Princess was merely a few scribbled notes on a writing pad.  We have an incredibly high volume of advance bookings confirmed with many of these seeing the girls away for three days and longer.  I think it is testament to the beauty of these girls that people want to spend so much time with them.

When we started I listed the girls in order of my own personal preference although told nobody save my business partner and she was sworn to secrecy.  I have now checked our bookings to date and I got the top ten spot on.  I have patted myself on the back – well nobody else will.

I am looking forward to June when the new university semesters start.  within a month or so of the girls being back in class I hope we can offer you considerably more beautiful ladies.

In the meantime I wish you all well.

Take care.


16th April:

Welcome to the My Princess blog page.  Over the coming weeks, months and years I will be pleased to provide you with my slant on our escort business here at My Princess, on life in general in Thailand and more specifically from here in Bangkok.  I welcome any comments you may have so feel free to email me on [email protected] to share your views and opinions.

This is a new escort business and we are slowly moving it forward.  By slowly I mean that Rome was not built in a day and everything is a gradual progression as we move to achieve our goals.  However, we have exceeded our expectations for April already so are hopeful the following months keep going in a similar fashion.

Songkran is now finished for another year and I avoided the mayhem that would have been taking place on the streets of the city and around the country.  I endured seven or eight Songkran’s in Pattaya and that was more than enough for me.  However, in 2012 I lived in Phichit Province for over nine months.  There I enjoyed a truly wonderful Songkran in a rural village with not another farang in sight.  The entire village congregated at the local centre around midday  and there was plenty of food, music, dancing and children playing.    Once the village members had paid respect to the elders the whisky was out and mayhem ensued as children, teens and adults decided the farang needed cooling down, literally everyone poured water over me.  To make amends the adults all gave me a glass of whisky, followed by another then another and on and on.  I kept going until midnight although my memory takes me only to around nine that evening.

So it is now back to working and doing everything we can to make My Princess Bangkok Escorts the number one site in Thailand. I first thought about this business towards the second half of last year (2013) and a few weeks later met a Thai lady whom I felt would be an ideal business partner.  I knew how to set up and operate a business and she knew girls – lots of them.   After a few months planning and several months interviewing girls we were ready to go.  We launched the company three months later than planned – the demonstrations throughout Bangkok rather put paid to our original opening date.

In the few short months since initiating the company I have seen the escort market double in operators and we now have considerably more competition.  Competition is something I actually embrace.  It is far easier to draw ideas from your competitors than come up with them yourself and this is true of all businesses.  We learn from our competitors and see who is being successful and what they are doing to achieve that success.   What I have seen is that around a dozen or so company’s take their escort business very seriously and put in the effort necessary to sustain and grow their company – these are the people I look towards every day.

I have now appointed a company to assist with our S.E.O work and this whole area is new to me.  My previous involvement with web sites in businesses I operated were in the days when all you had to do to get to Page 1 of whatever listing you wanted to be on was to select key words and list these as Meta Tags.  However, today the whole area has become something of a science and well beyond my limited capabilities.  We will see how this new arrangement works out.

Okay, that is enough from me today, time for some food.  I hope you keep popping back to the site and regularly take a look at the blog section.  I will do a new update at least once every week.

Take Care.