The vast and vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world for bachelor and stag parties alike. The city is home to one of the most incredible nightlife scenes and boasts a great number of exciting and trendy nightclubs and bars for you to explore and enjoy (not to mention the world-class women for which Thailand is so well renowned.)

What better a way to enjoy your stag do, just days or weeks away from making a life-long commitment to your partner; than going out with a bang (pun intended) with a massive blow-out party with all of your friends and a group of gorgeous young girls, dedicated to making your night one to remember?

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Why not take your stag that one step further and enjoy some of our VIP packages? There are a number of different services that will be sure to tickle your fancy, from the “Welcome to Bangkok” package to the “King for a day”. Services include irresistible offers such as a beautiful escort waiting to greet you at the airport, a limousine enroute to your hotel room with a bottle of champagne and promises of passion. What better a way to start your holiday?!

If that has you excited then you should definitely check out the king for a day package! Head over to the My Princess Bangkok website where you can find more in depth information on what is available to you. All am I going to say is that it includes not one, not two, but THREE beautiful ladies of YOUR choosing…not to mention the rest of the package.

An agency such as My Princess, Bangkok allows you to party in style, with VIP status at your own discretion, surrounded by professional women that represent a reputable and reliable company dedicated to delivering nothing other than the highest level of client satisfaction. Why crawl through the streets in search of a good time when you can head right back to your hotel room and have the nightlife come to you! You deserve nothing but the best, so treat yourself to an unforgettable and exotic experience, curtesy of My Princess.