Welcome to 2015 and I hope that this is a good, prosperous and fun year for all of you – and, of course, for me too.

My New Year message focuses on the recent changes we have made within the My Princess Group this past couple of weeks.

To start with we operated a sister company in Bangkok, ST Escorts, which seemed like a good idea when we were putting the original business plan together.  However, over the last nine months, the My Princess brand has fared considerably better than we had expected and has now expanded to include the recent addition of an office in Pattaya.

As many of you will know I have also been working on setting up My Princess in Hua Hin and I hope to have this operational by late January. Stupid of me to put dates to these things I know but even here in Thailand you have to set goals and then be prepared to change them as and when things do not work out as hoped.

I therefore took the decision to close ST Escorts from the end December and focus all of our energies on the My Princess Group.  I have decided to give all of the girls plus the ladyboys from ST Escorts an opportunity at My Princess and we will see how they do. There will undoubtedly be those that do not get sufficient bookings and therefore they will be released – I do not want a site full of girls just there to make up the numbers.

One major change has been the inclusion now of 1 HOUR APPOINTMENTS with prices from B4,000.  This applies to everyone working on the site unless clearly specified on a person’s profile.

In order to accommodate some new girls I have seen and some of the ST Escorts I have changed the gallery section (‘Our Princesses’ menu item) to now show Student Princesses who are our 18 to 23 year olds and Teacher Princesses for the girls aged 24 and over.

There is a separate Ladyboys section and I think KIM is an absolute stunner.  Going with a ladyboy is not and has never been my thing although I am well aware many of you are fascinated by Thailand’s third sex.  However, I go to bed every night hoping I wake in the morning to find I have been the subject of a cruel joke and that Kim is really all woman!  She works at our Pattaya agency but she is available for overnight or longer stays here in Bangkok – she really is so hot it would have been wrong of me not to offer Kim to my Bangkok customers.

Another new section is Mistresses and we have two girls who are experienced and delight in the art of domination.  Another two girls enjoy offering a light dominatrix service for those who do not want to be punished too much – whether deserved or not!

There is a Special Offer available for the next three months for those of you who are Members.  If you are not a member then please sign up.  The members section offers twelve additional photographs of each girl plus a detailed list of the services each of them offer.  We have over 1,500 members already which I find remarkable and am delighted to have so many of you on board already.

The My Princess Monthly Poll has proved a huge hit and we receive well over a thousand votes every month.  This month has been a real surprise and four of the top five places are of girls who have not even featured in the top ten since we started this poll back in August.  None of the previous winners feature anywhere in this month’s top five girls.  You really are a strange lot – but hey, vive la difference!

We will start doing new pictures of our girls in late January and at that time I also want to do some short videos of each girl for the site.  This exercise will take a few months but I am sure will prove worth it in the end.  We will also be doing pictures of ‘couples’ – two girls together who are friends and like to offer you boys a ‘real’ Lesbian Show experience.  You will, of course, still be able to select your own pairings but the couples will be our recommendations that we will guarantee are great together.

I am still hoping to have a Monthly Competition going sometime in the early New Year but am letting my site designer have a couple of days off to enjoy the festive season.  The monthly winner will be able to see one girl completely free of charge and the ‘prize’ can be collected at any time in the following twelve month period.  A FREE Bangkok beauty has to be the best prize anyone could ever win!

Once I have finished my normal end of month updates I will then be focusing on the My Princess Group advertising and marketing strategy for 2015.  We are going to be considerably more high profile over the next year and this is the time to push on and establish ourselves not only as Bangkok’s leading escort service provider but to be number one across Thailand.

I will continue to think of new and innovative ways we can market the business and improve the web site.  However, I believe the site has come such a long way since our launch on 1st April, 2014 and feel that it is light years ahead of what our competitors offer.

Importantly the management will also be taking a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to the girls who let us down without offering a full explanation.  We have been forced to remove several girls from the site this year and there are a few who are hanging on by their fingertips.  This year has been a learning curve for both Bowling and I and we will be doing our level best to ensure mistakes made are not repeated in 2015.

Of course, despite what we try to do, things will still sometimes go pear shaped but we want to minimize the pears and aim to ensure every single customer has a great experience when seeing a girl or girls (or ladyboy) from the My Princess agencies.  Remember fuck ups happen but we do not fuck up on purpose!  This is, after all, Thailand where things go totally wrong on an alarmingly regular basis – a reason why I both love and hate the country depending on the time of day!

Obviously this is the time where we all make our resolutions for the New Year.  I will share my resolution with you now.  I vow to rid myself of all negative people in 2015.  All of those who post negative comments about Thailand on Facebook, all of those who operate forums specifically designed to attract the moronic whiners and moaners will be gone from my computer.  All of you so called buddies who keep telling me this or that is doomed to failure when you have no idea what it is I am trying to do will be deleted from my phone.  I want only positive people around me.  Sure there are times when some people have genuine cause for a moan or complaint, that is part of life, but if you want to moan all day and every day about Thailand, despite it being your choice to live here, then I will NOT be listening.

I will conclude my usual rambling and tell you my three favourite girls here at My Princess for 2014 who are:

1st Place – JUNE.  Not only is June stunning she is also a ‘bad’ girl on her own admission.  She is great one day and terrible the next and you never know which June is going to turn up.  However, she is always sexy and always wearing a mask to protect herself from what life throws at her.  She is intelligent and cheeky, her English has improved more than any other girl this year and if things were different (like me not being forty years older than her) I would quite happily marry the woman and embrace the obvious consequences of my action!

2nd Place – NADIA.  A real star who has always got a smile on her face and loves taking care of her customers.  She has been the busiest of all our girls since joining us six months ago and has never complained once – even when woken at three in the morning to go on an appointment.  She saves her money once she has taken care of her family and is incredibly mature for a girl not even 19 for another six months.

3rd Place – NID. When she started at My Princess I thought she was too quiet to do this job but Bowling pressured me in to giving her a chance.  Every single day Nid has grown as a person and is simply the most charming and playful girl anyone could wish to meet.  She holds the record of THREE marriage proposals from customers in 2014 and is no longer a shy or retiring girl but someone who will happily take the lead.

So, it is now time for me to wish all of you a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2015 and these sentiments go also to all the girls and ladyboys within the My Princess Group, to all our Facebook friends, to Michael who is our web designer and his team, to Simon and the rest of our S.E.O guys, to our suppliers and to those with whom we advertise, to our support staff and to those of you who, at this precise moment, do not even know we exist but will find us in 2015.

Happy New Year,