Tourism in Thailand has been the larger part of the kingdoms economic backbone for a long time now and appears to be growing more and more with each passing year. The beautiful nation boasts spectacular tropical weather, stunning beaches and scenery, pleasant and charming locals, tasty and tantalising cuisine, not to mention the wonderful culture that spreads from North to South.

There are a vast variety of different attractions that lure people from different walks of life, all across the globe, though there is one thing in particular that really attracts a great deal of attention, and that is the Thai women. Thai women are renowned for their charm and irrefutable beauty and so men and women alike (though mostly men) flock from all over to get a taste of this world-class femininity.

As you can imagine, this industry in particular is thriving, yet undeniably flooded with questionable characters and shady establishments which is why it is always important for those of you looking to explore this side of the nightlife in Thailand responsibly and with due care.

While the city of Bangkok is absolutely littered with go-go bars and strip clubs, you will also discover a number of escort agencies that provide a more tongue in cheek service that allows you the privacy and discretion that you desire. However, how do you decide on which agency is the best? Or rather, which escort agency can provide you with a top quality service with discretion, while still offering top quality, professional girls?

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Going through an escort agency allows you to explore at your own pace and with the ultimate discretion. You will also discover that all of the girls that My Princess hire go through a rigorous screening process so as to ensure that they can provide only the finest quality escorts that are well mannered, professional, charming and above all else: gorgeous.

Another huge benefit is being able to decide on exactly how long you would like to spend with these girls, and you can guarantee that they will be professional and discreet throughout the entire encounter. When looking for girls in a go-go bar, very rarely will you find that they are discreet and professional as more often and not they will be looking for something more than a night of passion. This is of course, not always the case, though when you hire the services of a professional escort, you can rest assured that there will be no unwanted surprises.