For my latest update I have two main areas I would like to cover today.

I will start with a business related story. Last week a friend from my schooldays, with whom I reconnected some forty-five years after last seeing him, was back in Thailand. We went out for a meal and a few drinks before he ushered me towards Nana Plaza.

For me Nana Plaza, along with the other go-go bar areas of Bangkok and Pattaya, no longer holds the same allure for me as it did ten or even five years ago. Perhaps I am just getting too old and I now find it all too much about the business and little, if anything, to do with service or, more importantly, plain good old fashioned fun.

Anyway we tried a couple of bars where the girls were all rather aged before entering one where there appeared, at least, to be some atmosphere as well as other customers. Within a few minutes my friend had chosen a lady to sit with him – a good choice and a girl I would have picked myself had I been interested, which I was not.

When he turned the subject to bar fining her it showed me just how out of touch I was. A B1,000 bar fine was required and the girl wanted B3,000 for short-time. She promised that short-time was two hours. He agreed, telling me that he believed he could probably have negotiated the price down although I was not sure that such negotiations would have proved successful.

The girl herself was very cute, slim figure and only nineteen. She would certainly not have looked out of place with the girls here at My Princess save for one thing. Her body was a mass of tattoos and many of them very large. They were on her stomach, her back, her arms, shoulders and down her legs.

In this establishment my friend had five drinks and the young lady the same, with the last two being tequila slammers. She also managed to persuade him to buy tequila slammers for two of her ‘sisters’ and two of the mamasan’s. His bar bill was over B3,000.

He took off back to his hotel with the pretty young thing in tow and I headed back home to Ladprao alone and happily so. On the taxi ride home I started thinking about the cost of this girl – with the drinks, bar fine and money for her he was paying more than B7,000 and his entire evening was not going to be far short of B10,000. I still had change from the B1,000 note I had broken in to paying for our food earlier that night.

When I spoke to him the following day I was obviously interested in how the lady performed. My experience has been that most of these girls are a little bit like goldfish. A goldfish looks wonderful swimming around in its bowl and going through the magic castle at the bottom but when you take it out of the bowl then the goldfish just flaps about for a few seconds before eventually dying. Take girls out of the bar and they lose all of the appeal that attracted you to them in the first place.

So, he told me, she spent the first fifteen minutes in the bathroom and most of that time he heard her talking on the phone. She then came out wrapped in the statutory white towel and hopped on to the bed. The business was over in fifteen minutes but I imagine, like most of us men, he probably exaggerated. He then lay in the bed as she popped back to the bathroom. This time she was gone for only a few minutes before exiting fully dressed and ready to leave. He asked what she was doing, she had said short-time was two hours and they had only been in the hotel thirty-five minutes. ‘Oh you not cum I try for two hours but short-time just mean when you cum I finish, go home now.” And so, off she went.

So he spent more money on this girl from the go-go than he would have spent on booking a lady from My Princess. He got only one shot whereas with our service he would have got two and our girls will stay the full period of the booking time unless the customer asks them to leave early.

All I can think now is that the prices we are charging for the fantastic beautiful girls we have on our site has got to be considered as very, very good value for money compared to the alternatives.

Now I want to change subjects dramatically.

Over the past year or more I have noticed an ever increasing number of expats who have made Thailand their home becoming more and more outspoken about everything to do with this country. Their negativity covers every aspect of life here and there are thousands of them on Twitter, Facebook and various Web Forums.

In the past I have chosen to ignore these people and feel they likely moaned about their country of birth in the same manner as they now moan about Thailand, they probably moan about everything. However, for me, the recent horrific murder of the British couple Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on the island of Koh Tao has seen them go in to overdrive.

From day one they have been claiming that police corruption and the power of the mafia on the island would see scapegoats punished for the crime. The moment that the Myanmar migrant workers were arrested the throttle was pushed to the floor – these guys were innocent scapegoats just as they had predicted.

I am no apologist for the Thai police and appreciate that there is rampant corruption. However, how any sane human being can state categorically that the men arrested did NOT commit this heinous crime is beyond me.

I have seen some of the most ridiculous arguments put forward to back up their assertions and these, in some cases, from people I know and considered to be reasonably sensible people.

Really, if they detest Thailand so much and they want to continue to revel in the negativity towards this country why are they still here? Those I have been forced to argue with, purely because I find their attitude so ridiculous, tell me they have an opinion and are entitled to voice it and asking if I am against freedom of speech. No, I am not against people expressing their opinions, however ludicrous such opinions may be, BUT stating those opinions as if they were fact is, to me, totally unacceptable.

I am not in any way belittling what happened in Koh Tao and other truly awful crimes that have been perpetrated against foreign visitors. However, sadly, every country in the world has such crimes and many of them far more than ever occur here.

Additionally I take exception to the deliberate negative reporting of assaults on foreigners here in Thailand. I do not know the full story of every or any incident but the western media portrays the foreigner as a victim of an assault but gives only the foreigners story on what happened. In most cases the foreigner will have caused a situation to develop out of control through drunken and disrespectful behavior or getting involved in an argument he should simply have walked away from.

To call Thai men cowards for ‘ganging up’ on a foreigner is also ridiculous. Look at the size of the average foreign man against the size of the average Thai. Of course a Thai person is going to enlist assistance from his friends to even out the odds – to think differently is insane. People need to remember that we are all just visitors to this country whether we visit for a week or a decade or longer still.

Attempts need to be made to understand the culture which is so wildly different from the west and through that do everything to avoid conflict with the locals. I appreciate this may not always be possible and certainly there will be occasions where the foreigner is completely innocent and has been the subject of an unprovoked attack. However, all I want to see is a balance from the media and those expats that choose to live here rather than jumping on a bandwagon that does even more to cause a resentment of foreigners.

By the time of my next blog article I will, hopefully, have calmed down and discuss more frivolous matters such as all of the pretty girls at My Princess!!!

Take care, respect each other and go in peace,