I usually try to put up a new post on the Blog at the start of each month with another around the middle of the month. So apologies for my being a few days late this time around – I am going to blame pressure of work!

We now have the MONTHLY POLL activated with its own tab on the web site sidebar. After only three days I have been astounded at the number of votes we have received. I expected about ten votes per day but so far we are getting over 100! Make sure you take a look and register your votes for your favourite girl or girls. The winner at the end of each month gets to be the Princess of the Month for the following month and that means the particular girl receives over three times as many visits to her own page as any of the others.

The biggest news of the last few weeks is that shortly after midnight, in the early morning hours of Wednesday 27th August, my business partner, Bowling, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The baby, named Omega, and Bowling are both well and Bowling is already back to work and at full speed. I have to say that these Thai women are pretty damn tough when it comes to having babies and seem not to need the months upon months of maternity leave we lavish on women (and in some countries men as well) in the west. Bowling was still working on the Tuesday and organizing girls to go on appointments from her hospital bed from the morning of Wednesday. She is simply a quite amazing woman.

We have added a new A Level student in the last few days by the name of Fa. She is twenty years of age and undertaking a Computer Studies degree at university here in the capital. She is a naturally pretty girl who looks just as good without make-up as she does with it. Over the next two or three weeks I hope to be adding a further four or five girls to the site.

We are now in our sixth month of business and it appears, in the main, the girls now understand what is expected of them in terms of high standards of service. We still have the odd problems but they are easily dealt with and sometimes as much to do with the male level of expectation than a failure on behalf of the girls.

I know I have said this before but I believe it is worth repeating. These are primarily young college students who, in many ways, are very naïve when it comes to sexual relationships. They are not jumping in to bed with several guys every day and all of them retain a fresh appearance and youthfulness. I have thought about this quite a lot recently and believe that many of us let our imaginations run riot. We look at the pictures of a pretty young thing, we are eager to see her and then we start imaging how wonderful the experience will be. It is rather similar to reading articles and hearing from friends on how great a particular new movie is, our levels of expectation are built up so high that no matter how good the film may be, when we see it, we are left disappointed because, unreasonably, we expected too much.

I am as guilty as anyone for failing to control my imagination but I have learned not to base any experience on my own preconceptions and to try and just enjoy the time for what it is. Again, as I have said before, if you want a whore that knows how to do everything then there are plenty of places to find one, too many places some would say. However, if you want a delightful, fresh and charming young girl to entertain you then you are at the site that provides this.

Our sister site at ST Escorts has now been operating one month and later this month will have a far higher profile of the Google pages that I have targeted. The rates for these girls are incredibly low for the first three months with a one hour service costing only three thousand baht. We are seeing an increase in the number of customers every day now and I am very hopeful that this will prove to be another very successful business.

The Pattaya office is giving me grief – still! Having had one potential manager decide to leave Thailand back in July another signed up and then, one week later, decided he too was not willing to stay in Thailand anymore! I knew both of these people very well, for over five years, so feel rather let down whilst also understanding their situations and appreciating their honesty. I have another manager already lined up and I am now trying to arrange a meeting with him. I am still hopeful we can have the business going by the end of this month but it is going to be tight.

As soon as I can get Pattaya up and running my attention can then turn to the Hua Hin office. For now I have decided that we will deal with all telephone and email bookings from our Bangkok office and just have a lady in Hua Hin overseeing all of the girls. This means that I will have to go to Hua Hin once a month for a few days – given it is my favourite beach resort here in Thailand that will be real hardship – not!

We have taken over our office in Ladprao, Bangkok and the office furniture and internet connection will be in today (4th September). Some of the girls will be living in the rooms above the office so this has halved our rent on the town house, which pleases me. I expect the limited company to be officially registered next week so we will be paying tax, VAT, social insurance and so forth just like any other business.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you for the unbelievably high number of emails I have received from you inquiring about my health. As many of you will know I suffered a heart attack at the beginning of August (I did say this job was stressful!) and had a stent inserted in to one artery. Added to that I was diagnosed as having diabetes, so you can imagine there have been numerous dietary changes necessary – I now eat tuna or tuna or tuna! Anyway I am feeling fine, the latest medical check-up showed my heart and kidneys to be working fine and my blood sugar slowly getting down to more normal levels. It was something that came out of the blue and I have likened it to a visit from the Grim Reapers son popping in and telling me that if I did not change my ways his dad would be visiting me soon. I am changing Mr. Reaper – honestly!

So, until next time, I wish you all well and do not forget to vote for your favourite Princess or Princesses in our monthly Poll.

Take care,