We are now approaching Thailand’s High Season although many will say that point has already been reached. October generally sees prices starting to rise and continue in an upward spiral through to the early New Year and it is true the increase in visitor numbers is evident even now.

However, High Season never really gets ‘high’ until early December and then the country is awash with foreigners for the next three to four months. At My Princess we offered some slightly discounted rates over the July to September period and that proved very popular and we will likely repeat this next year.

Whilst I accept the need for prices to increase in the busier months the whole ‘extra’ charge thing can sometimes be a little bit too much. The most annoying thing for me was finding out that over Christmas and New Year the go-go bars doubled and, in some cases, trebled their bar fines. I could not and still cannot see this as being anything but greed and certainly unwarranted in the terms of the service you are paying extra for – it certainly is not improved. Of course the girls want more money as well but are not providing any better service.
After my December 2012 experience I vowed never to go to a go-go bar in search of a lady in December or January ever again. Funnily enough, as it transpired, this got me started on the road to opening an escort business and so here we are today.

I can assure every one of you that there will be NO additional charges at My Princess over the High Season and the girls rates will be as they are now whether you see them on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or any other day. I do though suggest that for these days you book early as it is expected to be quite frantic and any girls who do not have pre-arranged bookings are likely to be making plans to go out with their friends.

In the last week I have been forced to take two girls off the My Princess web site. I like both of these girls but they were letting the business down and I cannot allow that. Fang was the first girl to go and this was because an established pattern showed she was openly racist towards certain ethnic groups. We discussed the matter and she admitted I was correct and asked that I simply did not send her to see the race of people she did not like. I was not prepared to cherry pick for her as I would not for any of our girls and was forced to let her leave.

Most recently, today in fact, I have had to remove June from My Princess. Some of you will know that I cared a lot about June and always liked her and welcomed her company; she was a regular visitor to my condo where we would just sit, eat, chat and watch the occasional movie. However, despite warnings, she had recently taken to being constantly very late in arriving at appointments and her behavior, when eventually deigning to turn up, was erratic to say the least. There are just times when June would get it in to her head that she was superior to everyone else on the planet and thus could do exactly as she felt. Hopefully she is now rethinking that somewhat flawed belief.

I have always said that I like all of the girls that work for us. No they are not perfect, nobody is, but they are all nice people. However, I am running a business and one that is all too easily damaged when the customer is not satisfied with the service he receives. The internet is now an integral part of our lives and a few negative comments can easily become a ‘Ratner Moment’ in our progress.

It is therefore necessary for me to take action when things go wrong and drastic action should warnings about future conduct not be heeded. I do not like firing people, I never have, but I have been both a senior manager and business owner for over twenty-five years now and have learned the harsh realities of life.

Way back in my early management years I worked for a Finnish Insurance company in their London office. A week before Christmas I was promoted to U.K manager and was overcome with the power I had been granted – and very happy with the sizeable increase in my salary. It was, unfortunately, only three days before I realized the downside of the management coin. Out of twenty-five staff three had to go and Helsinki Head Office had made the decision several weeks earlier – I was given the job of telling those three people they no longer had a job. I was told on Christmas Eve at nine in the morning and the Head Office wanted confirmation the three members of staff had been told by lunchtime that day.

The heavily pregnant woman was the first to go. She would still be paid her maternity leave and, although she said differently, I seriously doubted she would be coming back to work after giving birth anyway. Next to leave was a guy in his thirties. He took it well and felt he would have no problem getting another job – he simply viewed it as being given an extra few weeks Christmas leave.

The third and last one was not so easy. A fifty four year old married man with three dependent children and living in a house he could barely afford. His chances of finding another job, certainly another job paying him anywhere near what he was presently earning, was almost zero – we were in a recession at the time which made it even more difficult. I sat there unable to say anything as this man cried his eyes out in front of me, he was inconsolable and I felt as though I wore the Devil’s cloak that day.

These things live on in the memory and they forge us in to who we become later in life. We may not become the loving, tender, caring, friendly people we would so much want to be. However, there are, as it is said, dirty jobs that have to be done and someone has to do them.

I hope you are all having a better day than me today but do not worry, the smile will be back on my face this evening and once again everything in the garden will be rosy.

Take good care,