Well life in general has returned to what passes as normal here in Bangkok, the curfew having been lifted for two weeks now.  The city’s restaurants and entertainment areas, in particular, are relieved about this.

Here at My Princess I hope you have been paying regular attention to the new girls who have been arriving.  This month has seen us welcome some really stunning Princesses with June (Aged 20); Nadia (18); Aey (18); Nid (21); Bee Bee (18); Eye (19) and Janee (18) all having been added to the My Princess portfolio.  We did have a couple of others ladies join but they left very quickly – they wanted to play by their rules and not ours so gave me an easy decision!

Away from the girls for a moment as I want to say that I am somewhat mystified by the World Cup broadcasting here in Thailand.  A final court ruling over the rights to show this competition was made on 12th June – only hours before the tournament commenced.  The rights holders won their battle to show all games only through their own set top boxes or via chosen partners – such as the satellite company True Visions.   Twenty-two games were being offered to Thai free to air stations but, aside from the opening game, semi-finals and final all were regarded as low key matches.

Then, come the big kick off, the army steps in…..again.  They own and operate three free to air channels and, surprise, surprise, ALL games are to be shown on one or more of these stations.  I did not know whether to be happy or sad as this meant I would be up all night every night watching the footie.

So far this has turned out to be one of the most entertaining World Cups in my memory and that goes back a long way – I was at Wembley for England versus Argentina in the 1966 World Cup!  Gone are the tactically boring games of years gone by as teams try to manipulate their way past the group stage.  This has been replaced by free flowing football that has seen the majority of matches proving to be highly entertaining.  It must be something in the Brazilian air!

Seeing Spain humbled so very early on is, for me, a shame.  They are such a wonderful team when in full flow but perhaps having won their last three major international competitions they paid the price for over confidence, some would say arrogance.  A similar fate befell my home country, England, but that was of no surprise to most of us from G.B.  Gone to is one Mr. Suarez who I heard wanted out of the World Cup because he heard of our Special Offer running for the next three months!

Australia gets a special mention because their skipper, Mile Jedinak, is also the captain of my team back in England, the mighty Crystal Palace.

It is now low season and Bangkok is at its quietest.  Okay it is never quiet but visitor numbers are usually halved or more over what we see the rest of the year.  This inevitably becomes a time to take stock of one’s business and prepare for the next high season.  Being a new company it is a useful time for me to see where we are compared to our targets set prior to the business being launched.

We have been open for three months now and I am pleased with the way we are developing.  Early hurdles were tripped over far too often but they have been straightened out and we are now flying over them. The girls are learning to work the way I want and they have a better understanding of everything required of them.  You are paying for a service that is considerably better than that found with ladies from bars or clubs and, I am determined, that is what every one of our beautiful ladies will provide.

With My Princess Pattaya all ready to go live I am now focusing on My Princess Hua Hin.  If any of you guys reading this know of someone who lives down in the Hua Hin area who may be interested in operating a small business from the comfort of their own home then drop me a line.  I hope to be in Hua Hin later this month or very early August and will be pleased to meet with any interested persons.  The plan right now is to have the business fully operational no later than end October this year.

Okay that is it from me for now.  I will be back with you once the World Cup is over with news of the opening dates for My Princess Pattaya, our sister service in Bangkok, ST Escorts and much much more.