As many of you will be aware I have been endeavouring to set up agencies in both Pattaya and Hua Hin this year.  The latter resort has been just ticking along as most of my energies went in to getting Pattaya off the ground first.  Well things have not worked out as I planned and Pattaya appears to me to be jinxed – I will explain more about that in a minute.

Hua Hin, however, has at last started to move forward and Bowling and I will be heading there for a few days in the first week of November.  We have around ten girls already lined up who are keen to work and hopefully a few more will be on board by the time we arrive.  I have chosen a rather nice small resort style hotel with some great rooms and local scenery so we should get some decent pictures – well as decent as we can manage.   All being well by mid-November the Hua Hin agency should go live.

With somewhere between twelve and fifteen girls aged from eighteen to twenty-three I believe we will be unique to the area.  Many of the girls in Hua Hin bars, whilst lovely ladies, are a little older than you tend to see in Bangkok or Pattaya, so, for those looking to spend some time with a beautiful young companion then My Princess will be the place to call.

I appreciate that Hua Hin has a high number of expats and they usually fall in to two camps.  There are those that believe they can get a girl when they need for a very low price and thus they will not care to avail themselves of our services.  Then there are those that look for high quality girls for whom the issue of cost is somewhat mute.  If you are in the second of these categories I look forward to hearing from you once we are up and running.

The tourists, however, are primarily married couples.  Now I know a few have open marriages to a certain degree and getting a girl or two around for some shared family fun works for them but they are very much the minority.  For the others the guys would just love to spend some time with a lovely slim young Thai lass but doing so is far from easy.  Therefore I am hoping to operate an ‘In-Call’ service here as well.  I want to find private accommodation as close to the heart of the town as possible but yet discreet.  We will decorate the apartment tastefully and maintain the standard of the accommodation so a visit here will most certainly not be to a dark, dingy, dirty, rickety old room.

A tip for those men with a live-in partner that do select an In-Call visit – bring your own soap!  No I am not being cheap but I do know enough about women to suggest this with good reason.  Your wife or girlfriend knows your smell and if you return to your hotel having bathed using a different soap she will be able to tell, I promise you that – then the questions will begin and believe me you do not want that!  So just grab a small bar of soap from your home or hotel and stick it in your pocket before you go out.

So what is happening with My Princess Pattaya you may ask?  A very good question and one I am struggling to find a positive answer to.   As I said in my opening it feels at the present time as though the place is jinxed.

I have now had four guys lined up to manage the agency there and for various reasons – mostly bizarre – they have all been unable to get anything done.  I know all of these people, I have known most of them over five years and they are all people I trusted to operate the business professionally.  However, matters completely outside of my control have resulted in all of them leaving Pattaya for one reason or another.

Whilst I am still hopeful of getting an agency operational in Sin City it really does not look as though that will happen any time soon.  Unless you have operated a business in Thailand you will not understand just what can happen – it is like being in one of those action movies where the impossible occurs every two or three minutes – here the impossible happens every two or three minutes for real!

I have an idea for an agency to the north east of the country – not Udon Thani before you ask.  I do not want to say too much about that right now but will be going there to take a look at the possibilities in early December.  More news will follow on this once I have seen the lay of the land.

I have received a few emails this month regarding our pictures of the girls on the web site.  They have been called ‘amateurish’ and ‘low quality’ by the writers.  I can only agree with them for that is exactly what the pictures are.  They are taken either by me, my business partner or one of the girls who work for us.  We try to select the best shots available and other than cropping them or improving the lighting effects we do nothing else – we certainly do not change the way any girl looks or cover over any scars or tattoos.

We provide these photos because we think they look what they are – REAL.  When you look at sites where the images appear as if they had been taken directly from a magazine then, of course, there is a possibility they have been taken from a magazine and are maybe not representative of the actual girl who you may have chosen to spend some time with.

Our photos are REAL, our girls are REAL and the information on the girls is REAL.  I think this is one of the things that make us different.  However, if you disagree and would prefer to see professionally taken pictures then let me know – I am always interested to hear other people’s point of view.

I am already setting up a schedule to do new photos of the Bangkok girl’s at the start of the New Year.  Ideally I do not want pictures on the site that are more than six to nine months old and especially where a girl’s appearance may have changed significantly.  Right now none of our pictures are more than five months old.  I will also change the height and weight details where applicable and, as you are aware, the girl’s ages are updated immediately any of them have their birthday.

I had a potential customer contact me the other week abusing me because two girl’s he saw on the site earlier in the year were no longer with us.  Little of his tirade is repeatable in polite company but one thing he said was ‘are you such a f***** bad manager that you cannot keep your girl‘s?’

Well I guess this chap does not quite understand this business, or for that matter, Thailand.  He most certainly does not understand me!  Girl’s come and go, that is a simple fact.  Our young ladies are primarily students and there are times when their studies have to be put first.  If a girl tells us she will only be able to work weekends then she has to leave – I only want girls who are available at least six days a week.

Then there is the more pertinent issue of the girl’s behavior.  Now they may all look like cute and charming waifs in their pictures but that does not always translate to how they behave.  Trying to cheat the company, taking drugs, being constantly late for appointments, not doing what you say you will just because you were ‘not in the mood’ are among the list of things that will get you fired from My Princess.

I never want to release a pretty girl who many customers inquire about – simply doing that on a whim would be insanity.  However, the best interests of you, the customer, is paramount to Bowling and I and any girl that lets us or you down may, depending on the crime, get a second chance but will never get a third one.

Since we started My Princess Bangkok back in April we have made great strides and we continue to move the business forward looking to provide a constantly higher level of service.  That will never change although those offering that service will.

What you can be assured of, however, is that any new girls that join us will be very pretty Thai ladies with good personalities and a desire to please.

I have received numerous requests for girls to wear stockings, especially the thigh high type.  We have now purchased a few pairs for the girls and I will have some pictures up on the UNIFORMS section in the next few days.

My congratulations go to MOD, who is our newest girl having only joined on 4th October.  MOD won our October poll and is now B2,000 richer and girl of the month for December.  We are averaging 1,000 voters per month for our first couple of months of operating the poll and I encourage you all to vote for your favourite Princess.

Finally for today keep your eyes peeled for some new girls joining us in the next two weeks or so.  I hope to get at least five new girls on board prior to the end of this month.

Take care of yourselves and I will write another blog entry once I am back from Hua Hin letting you know how that went.