Wow the last few weeks has just zipped by and here we are now in June – it is still ridiculously hot I would add.  Another month or so of this interminable heat before it slowly starts to decline and we begin then to look forward to several months of heavy rain, flooding and wading thigh high through brown sludge if we are unfortunate enough to get caught in a downpour.

The worst rain I have experienced here in Thailand was in September 2012 when it rained heavily and incessantly for almost twenty-four hours.   I stayed in my apartment all day and eventually ventured out late morning the following day to find the streets five foot deep in brown water – and I was in a relatively high lying area.   A friend of mine had a bar/restaurant/guest house and I assisted him for a while in pumping out the sludge.  I took my leave before the real clean-up operation started though and left that to the far more capable Thais that were around.

When I managed the hotel off Sukhumvit Road here in Bangkok we would have around two foot deep water across the entire ground floor two or three times a year.  This came up and in through the internal man hole covers and gave the place a wonderful aroma!  Carrying customers bags across the ‘River Lobby’ was always fun and putting a row of chairs from the door to the stairs had the guests looking like competitors in one of those strange games from the 1970’s U.K show ‘It’s a Knockout’ (Jeux Sans Frontieres was the European version).

It’s a Knockout was a fun show, if somewhat inane, but its memory is now forever tarnished.  The programme was hosted by one Stuart Hall who was convicted for five years imprisonment for numerous sexual offences against young girls aged between nine and seventeen back in the sixties and seventies.   This brings me on to my subject for today about how a person is defined as a Pedophile.

For a start the age of consent laws vary from nation to nation.  In my home country, U.K, it is sixteen; eighteen in the United States; fifteen here in Thailand and the same for Laos and Cambodia; several other Asian countries have fourteen as the age of consent, including China, and in South Korea the girl has to be older than thirteen – this is the same as in Spain and Italy.  In some countries the legal age is as high as twenty-one and I have found through research it go as low as twelve in a few places.   Therefore we are looking at an age range of twelve to eighteen depending upon your location.

Obviously one has to abide by the laws of the land wherever one lives or visits.  However, that does not take away the desire of sleeping with a fifteen or sixteen year old girl for, say, a Thai man who goes to live in America.  His legal preference at home would get him goal time over there.

To me it is more about the age of the man rather than the age of a girl.  A boy of sixteen having sex with a girl of, say, fourteen, so long as consensual, should be fine wherever one is and certainly not considered as a criminal act that sees the fellow on the sex register for life.  However, if we take a fifty year old man should he really be looking for sex with a girl of eighteen let alone younger?  He may well just prefer to be with young girls, I know I do although my own personal preference these days is for girls in their early to mid-twenties.  However, he may alternatively be preying on young girls – is simply saying they are of legal age and were willing to accompany him back to his hotel an acceptable excuse?  Is he just staying on the right side of the law but with a more sinister desire?

I think that guys who seek girls younger than twelve are most certainly considered as pedophiles anywhere on the planet – fair enough.  But then when you get the global disparity of the age of consent we hit a grey area.  Obviously it is easy to tell the difference between a twelve year old and an eighteen year old girl.  At eighteen a girl is an adult but at twelve she is a child, in my eyes anyway, the same goes for girls aged up to sixteen.  Sixteen year olds present a slightly more complex picture as some girls are considerably more mature than others at that age.    I draw my own moral boundary and have sixteen as the age of consent but that does not mean I would want to have sex with a girl of sixteen.  I have no problem with a guy a few years older forming such a relationship but do question a man my age, or even twenty or thirty years younger, doing the same.

Through operating this business I receive regular emails from people wanting to know if I can find them a young girl or girls.  I have been asked for girls as young as nine and quite frankly that sickens me.  My answer to everyone who inquires is the same in that I will not provide girls at any price (and believe me I have been offered ridiculous amounts of money) under the age of eighteen.  I know of people who readily offer girls here to customers and tell you they can get any age you want so long as you are prepared to pay.  This is not in some shady backstreet house where you walk looking over your shoulder every step but at certain go-go clubs in the heart of the city.  When I told the a person I had met in such a place that I was not interested in young girls from either a personal or business perspective they readily gave me their phone number saying ‘you have customer want young then tell him call me.’  I threw the number away the moment I left the premises by the way so I will not be passing it on to anyone.

A very good female friend of mine back home, in fact an ex-girlfriend in the late nineteen nineties, contacted me this week to say how appalled she was at what business I was running.  She then trotted out her hatred of prostitution and how it enslaved women.  I take a rather different view on the world’s oldest profession and it seems to me that it more frees women than enslaves them.

I look at Thai girls who work for My Princess and consider all of the girls in bars and clubs throughout Thailand and see the money they can make through selling their bodies.  Considerably more than they would earn working sixty hour weeks in seven-eleven that is for sure.

In addition the Asian view of sex is considerably different from the Catholic western world standpoint.  Even if you are not a Catholic you will live in a country whose roots and beliefs are steeped in Catholicism.  In this part of the world it is, by and large, just a bodily function albeit more fun than most other bodily functions.  When it is over with it is quickly forgotten although the working girls will have a chat and a giggle about their more attractive, better endowed or sexually active customers.   The sex scene does not age women here, I actually do not think it ages women anywhere and believe that to be a myth.  What ages girls is not the sex but the things that go hand in hand with this business particularly on a global level.

Drugs play a large part in many working girls lives.  In many cases, particularly in the west, the drugs come before the prostitution with the latter being a way to earn money for the former – girls are thus driven to the profession.  My experience in Thailand is that the drugs follow on from working in the profession.  The girls sell their bodies first but then find that to accommodate several customers they need to be energized and thus turn to drugs to give them that boost and vitality.

Several girls can use drugs simply to get them through a twenty-four hour period but some end up on a slippery slope once they start.  Recreational usage soon becomes habitual and use turns to abuse.  Those girls who slip down the slope are not likely to be with any escort agency – they become far too unreliable so they end up freelancers walking Bangkok’s streets and looking for sex to now pay for their habit.  Ironically they become the same as the western girls who, as I mentioned, are lured in to prostitution to feed their habit.

There are always exceptions though.  Back in the U.K, around the turn of the century, I was very close friends with a working girl and believe me she was an absolute beauty.  However, more than her looks this girl was incredibly intelligent and was highly focused.  She had been abused by her father when she was young and that sad tale led her in to prostitution.  However, once in it and realizing how much money she could make she devised her plan.  She would work for five to six years, save her money and buy a business – she knew exactly what type of business and how it worked – her father owned such a business.  When I left the U.K this stunning young lady was earning over half a million pounds a year and saving eighty percent of it.  She was being flown around the world in a private jet and spent more time in places such as Monaco than her home town of London.  I heard from her a couple of years later that at the age of twenty-six she had realised her dream, her business was doing exceedingly well and she had just acquired her father’s company and then fired him.  If ever a story gives the maxim ‘don’t get mad get even’ a shot in the arm then that is it.

I am aware that this article has been something of a ramble without much in the way of meaning or conclusion.  That is because I do not have the answers, I do not even really know what a pedophile is let alone how to stop such men doing what they do.  I do, however, know that I strongly believe prostitution should be legalized everywhere and the working girls subject to regular health and drugs tests.

Apart from telling you to keep an eye out for some new girls I will be adding to the site in the next few days that is it from me for another couple of weeks.  Take care and please feel free to share your thoughts on this or any other article I have written.