Well the latest news is that the curfew hours have been reduced and now apply from twelve midnight through to four in the morning.  This means that girls will have to leave you in time to get home before the curfew commences or stay overnight for at least the duration of the curfew.   If everything in Bangkok settles down over the next few weeks we hope the military will ease up and lift the curfew completely in the not too distant future.

There is no doubt the recent coup has affected visitor numbers to Thailand with many holidays and business trips cancelled at the last minute.  As I have said before there is, curfew aside, no change to daily life in Thailand and you can move around all parts of Bangkok and Thailand in general without any problem.  It is, however, important that you carry ID, for example, a laminated copy of your passport is a very good idea together with a business card from the hotel where you are staying.

We have now started My Princess Pattaya.  The admin and management teams are in place and a recruitment drive is under way.  The web site is presently under construction and we are looking for this to go live sometime in July, 2014.  There are initial talks ongoing to start My Princess Hua Hin although we do not expect this to be operational until later in the year.

The new university year starts this month and we are ready to be out and about looking for new talent.  Several new ladies have already agreed to join our team and should be on the My Princess site within the next couple of weeks.  Our new Princess of the Month for June is the beautiful FANG – do not worry though, she will not bite – unless, of course, you ask her to!

A new Members Special Offer has also been added to the Members Section for June.

We have acquired several new uniforms and most of these have been modeled by one of the latest recruits, the tall and slender RUNG.  A separate gallery of our uniforms and available toys will be added in the next day or two.  If there are any uniforms you like that do not appear on the site then please let us know and we will go out and get them for you.

Live long and prosper.


My Princess Management