I started to write this blog article a few days ago.  I had just recovered from two weeks of the nastiest virus I have ever had and a hacking cough that once I started could not stop for over ten minutes every time.  I had pills from the doctor, medicine from the pharmacy and those were added to my heart tablets and the ones to control my diabetes.  I was taking over twenty tablets a day!  I felt truly awful and was unable to work more than an hour before having to return to my bed.

Added to my illness woes my business partner, Bowling, was suffering from the same virus so both of us were working at ten percent capacity.  Of course January turned out to be our busiest month to date and a selection of the girls decided to go stark raving mad and mess us about on an alarmingly regular basis.  Customers were complaining of girls not turning up, turning up very late or simply climbing in to their bed and falling asleep.  Trying to rectify the problems when all you are capable of doing is going to sleep is bloody difficult I can assure you.

So, when I stated writing the blog I used it to vent my anger and was merciless in my criticism of all things related to young Thai women.  I re-read my prose this afternoon and just started to laugh, the more I tried to stop the harder I laughed and I was sat all alone in front of my computer with tears running down my face.  Who did I think I was to change pretty young girls, young Thai girls at that, from being spoiled, self-centered, self-indulgent, unreliable characters in to people who may actually give a shit?

The harder Bowling and I rode them the more disruptive and unreliable they became.  One or two girls we knew were borderline crazy but we were having problems with some of our best and most reliable lasses.  The root cause, of course, is the same wherever you go, that good old root of all evil – money.  Combine plenty of money with party season and the desire of the girls to see New Year festivities stretching as far as July and an explosive cocktail is on hand.

Girls who had been treated well, taken care of and to a large extent pampered had found themselves so much money they thought they were immune to criticism.  For some incredibly bizarre reason some of them thought that simply turning up to see a customer when it suited them regardless of what time the booking was for was just fine.  They were beautiful young things with plenty of money and many admirers – the world was their oyster.

Well I am a relatively generous guy.  I am relaxed an easy going when things are moving along serenely and, as an employer, I think people would have to go a long way to find better.  However, when you mess me about and, in this business, when you are affecting my customers then watch out.  I show no mercy and I operate a zero tolerance policy.  You can be the number one girl with the highest number of bookings and the most rave reviews but I will fire you on the spot and I will do as much as I can to ensure that you never work anywhere decent ever again.  Several prima donnas have found that out in the last few days.

So with Bowling and I now back to our top form and clearing up all of the things we did not get round to last month we are now pushing ahead with the business.  We have seen over a dozen new girls this last week and they are all very attractive.  Hopefully over the next week we will be able to arrange photos sessions and get these young ladies on this web site to replace those that have been given the order of the boot.  Therefore expect to see several changes of personnel before the next blog is posted around the middle of this month.

To those of you who had a complaint in January then you have already had my apologies but I offer them again here.  I am delighted that nearly every one of you has agreed to give us another try and accepted the offers I have made to you.  We do live in a civilized world and when things go pear shaped simply talking about the problem is the best way to resolve it.  Nobody fucks up on purpose – certainly not me – and nobody likes receiving complaints.  I have always maintained that I will do everything possible to make amends when things go awry and at least I have had the opportunity to prove that in the last few weeks!

This talk of problems, of course, tends to overshadow the ninety nine percent of arrangements that go without a hitch.  It is, however, when you have a very busy month, that the 1% of problems tends to make you believe that the good work done is being completely unraveled.  So we will see what happens next but I am confident the changes of personnel will see a bright future for the girls and this business in general.

Despite the illness I pushed forward with our new advertising arrangements.  Unfortunately things did not go according to plan in Pattaya – now where have I heard that before?  We have a meeting down in Sin City tomorrow and then will know whether we can rescue any of the proposals or are forced to return to the drawing board.

We fared much better in Bangkok though and our campaign with STICKBOY BANGKOK got underway on time – earlier today in fact.  I had a meeting with Mike, who owns and operates the site, a few weeks ago up at Bon Au Pain by Sukhumvit Soi 31.  What was supposed to be a coffee and quick chat starting at eleven saw us still sitting there at six in the evening.  Mike is a terrific guy who runs a very professional site and I am delighted he has agreed to accept My Princess as one of his primary advertisers.  If you have not been to the site before I recommend you take a look – http://www.stickboybangkok.com/

Another interesting site for visitors to Bangkok and expats alike is the similarly named, but unrelated, STICKMAN BANGKOK which can be found at http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/.  ‘Stick’ who operates this site is, sadly, going to be leaving Thailand shortly and returning to his native New Zealand.  His insight in to life in Bangkok will be sorely missed.  I do not know how long the site has been going for but it is well over ten years and has become something rather iconic.  I am meeting up with ‘Stick’ for coffee and a chat tomorrow (2nd February) and have thoroughly enjoyed his company and friendship over the past two to three years.  The rather selfish side of me hopes that he misses Bangkok so much that he returns and picks up the Stickman reins in the not too distant future.  No matter though, whatever he chooses to do I wish him well.

Well that is me for another couple of weeks.  Please remember you are invited to post any comments you may have about this article, happenings in Thailand or anything you want.  I will always do my very best to reply.