What a month July was, it simply flew by.  I was almost non-stop action throughout the month as we made strides to get the My Princess web site developments put in place and recruit a few new girls.  In July we took on some really stunning young ladies with Oil, Aon, Pla, Nang and Sky having joined us since my last message on 13th July.

We now have over twenty high quality ladies available for you to see and possibly another one or two joining in August.  All of the girls are aged only eighteen, with the exception being Nang who seems almost pensionable at the age of thirty.  However, Nang is just so damn cute and keeps her minute body so fit that I considered she was well worth adding to the My Princess Bangkok Escorts site.

Over the last few days of July we launched our sister site, ST Escorts, and we will be adding even more ladies during August and beyond.  For now we have eighteen lovely girls aged 18 to 33 with more than half of them being 21 or younger.

The ST Site is designed for those with less time on their hands and offers only 1, 2 or 4 hour sessions.  The prices are by far the best in Bangkok and will remain unaltered until at least end October so get in now whilst the going is good.

All of the ST Ladies were so close to being selected for My Princess but just fell a little short of the very high standards we have set there.  Still these are good looking girls and some of the older ones will use their extra experience to your advantage.  Prices start at only B3,000 for a one hour session – that is almost exactly the same price as the cost of a girl and her bar fine here in the city and with ST Escorts you get to choose who to be with from the comfort of your own home.

The next significant change at My Princess will be to the Lesbian Show section.  The random putting together of two girls rarely works and on many occasions ladies may be uncomfortable with each other – thus spoiling your enjoyment.  So over the next month we will be pairing up the girls with whoever they are most comfortable with.  We will then do pictures of the two girls together – just a few and nothing X rated but these will , at least, give you an idea of them as a ‘couple.’

Some of the girls have said they want to be paid additional for performing a Lesbian Show on bookings of less than 10 hours.   It therefore seems sensible to make this standard rather than having different prices for different girls.  So once the couples have been sorted out and the details posted on the site we will be charging an additional B2,000 (B1,000 per girl) for them to perform a lesbian show for you for 2 hour and 4 hour bookings.  For bookings of ten hours or longer the prices will remain exactly as shown for each girl on the site.

Given a Lesbian Show during a four hour booking will cost you B18,000 the ten hour booking for two girls costing you B24,000 now starts to look cheap.  I suggest you set aside the entire night, choose your ‘couple’ and enjoy the ride.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has used My Princess so far.  To those of you who have enjoyed the experience and come back for more (in some cases more and more and more) I am pleased we have lived up to and exceeded your expectations.  To those of you who did not get what you expected then, once again, I offer my profuse apologies.  Sometime things just do not work out how we want and with young inexperienced girls some guys fantasies come as a bit of a shock.

What I can promise you though is the ever continuing improvement in our services and our girls.  We are slowly weeding out those that cannot perform to the level required and training those that we think can make the grade.  All I ask is that you continue to be patient and very soon we will have a host of girls who are not only young and enthusiastic but able to fulfill your every wish – well almost every wish.

It is very likely that by the time of my next article my business partner will have given birth.  For the last week or two of August literally everything will be down to me so please take it easy on me during that time.  I hope you will join me in wishing Bowling all the best and hope she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl later this month.

The Monthly Competition and the Monthly Poll have not been forgotten and are still being worked on by my extremely talented web designer, Mick.  I hope these will be added to the site in the next week or so.  All of the other changes mentioned in my last post have been added and I hope that you are all finding the site to be much more than just a place to look at pretty girls.

In conclusion I am looking for any guys out there who may be interested in working as a manager of one of our soon to be opened branches in Pattaya and Hua Hin.  Pattaya should now be going live in late August/early September with Hua Hin due to follow in October sometime.

Each agency will be independent with its own limited company, local office and manager.  Work permits and the appropriate visa will be arranged and all start-up costs are paid for by me and repayable over the first twelve months of trading.

Full assistance will be provided to ensure the business starts effectively and web design, S.E.O. works, business cards, brochures, uniforms and relevant initial advertising and marketing put in place.

You will effectively be your own boss and within the business model I have set up should be looking at O.T.E of at least THB100,000 per month once the business is established.

If you are interested in such an opportunity then please send an email to me with your details, background and, if available, a copy of your C.V to [email protected].

Cheers, good health and good fortune to you all,