Well if you have been like me for the past week and seen Songkran through by sitting inside behind closed doors your new best friend will likely be the local pizza delivery boy.  However, the water pistols, something of an understatement to describe what appear to be weapons of mass destruction, have been put in the cupboard for another year and the awful damp chalky mush that is plastered over those brave souls who venture out is back in its box, packet or wherever it came from.

As I have said before the ‘Thai Songkran’ is a delightful New Year ceremony and a thoroughly enjoyable ‘day’ in the vast majority of the country.   Rural Thailand takes the day off from working in the rice fields or similar and enjoys a festive occasion where family and friends gather.  The children run around with small hand held water pistols and the teens dance non-stop for hours on end.  All the local women provide enough food to feed a continent let alone the village and the men sit pouring whisky in to their teacups from bottles hidden in brown paper bags (how very American) until after the blessing of the village elders – the whisky bottles are then unsheathed and placed upon the previously food laden tables.

As sunset approaches on Songkran the women retreat home taking the children with them, the teens keep on dancing and the men get down to the serious business of drinking a considerable amount of whatever whisky is available.  By nine in the evening most are at home and sound asleep, that is except for the teens who, of course, are still dancing!

The next day it is back to the fields, a few sore heads perhaps but no lasting damage.  Nobody was daft enough to venture off campus in their car, travel along a major highway and cause a twenty car pile-up – well not in Bang Mun Nak (Phichit Province) they were not.

Alas in the cities and tourist areas Songkran is something else entirely.  Certainly it is not about cleaning out the old bits and bobs from your parents’ house, bathing them and generally respecting the older folk of the village as a gesture towards ushering in the New Year.  It is in fact war and I have experienced this war both in Bangkok and Pattaya, eight consecutive years in Pattaya I would add, and never wish to see it again.  A miserable old so and so I am happy to be called but the smiles of rural Thailand are changed to contorted faces of almost unbridled rage when worn by the farang visitors, most of whom are generally too drunk for their own good before midday has even arrived and stay that way for several days.

So instead of venturing on to the streets of Bangkok I stayed home and enjoyed the peace and quiet of my house.   Everyone else in the house and all of the neighbours had departed to their family villages by the weekend.  Being able to sit and think without voices, music and Thai television all blaring out at me at the same time was actually quite wonderful – now I am actually already looking forward to exactly the same type of Songkran next year.

One of the jobs I completed was getting VIDEOS up and working on the website.  The delightful NADIA and FANG both greatly assisted me by making selfie sexy dancing videos for me to trial this new addition.    Earlier today (18th April) I had succeeded, with a lot of assistance from my web designer, and there is one video of Nadia and four of Fang on their own pages for you all to enjoy.

I have now got Bowling calling all the other girls and getting them to do their own videos or visit us and have them done in our new photographic studio.  Well it is a room on the top floor of the house that has been completely redecorated for about fifty baht but, hey, it is more than good enough.

The videos are our usual style in that they are so obviously home-made it would be unbelievable if anyone imagined these were not true representations of the girls themselves.  There are no make-up artists present, no hair stylists, we have not used a choreographer, a video director or hundreds of behind the scenes helpers.  It is just a girl, a rather old DVD player and a smartphone.  Cheap yes, amateurish very but for me it works and I am more than happy with those videos we have up already.

Well it is now after 19:30 and the clocks in the U.K having gone one way or the other a few weeks ago means the football from England now starts in just over one hour.  I am therefore packing up for the night and heading to my room to watch my mighty Crystal Palace take on West Bromich Albion.  I will therefore catch up with you all again at the beginning of May.

Take care,