Well we are half way through September and the low season seems to be over, for us at least. Whilst July and August were reasonable months the first half of September was very slow. However, we had several advanced bookings for later in the month and these have increased steadily this past couple of weeks to the point where September will actually now prove to be our best ever month.

Advance bookings for October and November are also very good and we are hoping to add another half a dozen or so new young girls to our ranks over the next month. The ST Escorts business has been a little slower getting out of the traps than I had hoped. I do, though, remain confident that things will change towards the end of the month as we start to get much higher up the Google rankings for the primary key word searches.

The MONTHLY POLL has proved to be a real hit with over 1,000 people having already cast votes for their favourite Princess. Right now, at the half way stage, Nadia sits in first place, Aon is second followed closely by June, Fa, Nang, Sky, Mint, Yok, Phae and Rung with Bee Bee and Pla making a surge up the leaderboard over the past few days. It is so close that realistically any of these twelve could be the winner. If you have not voted yet please spend a minute or two to give your support to your favourite girl or girls.

To change the subject now I want to look at Thai girls’ underwear. Well obviously we all do, I mean who does not want to look at pretty Thai girls in their underwear or, better still, out of their underwear. However, it is the underwear itself I want to talk about today.

Women the world over spend time and money to look at their best when they go out. Thai women lead the race in this particular contest, I mean these girls even put on their make-up to walk next door to the Seven Eleven to buy their pot noodles!

Their clothes are always sexy. Tight shorts, short skirts, sexy t-shirts, skimpy dresses, whatever they wear they look good and they appear alluring. Their make-up has taken hours to put on and their hair is regularly attended to at their favourite local salon. They have their apartments full of all the latest beauty products and strive each day to make themselves look the perfect picture.

So why, when it comes to donning their bra and panties, does the entire image thing go straight down the drain? They choose the first bra and pair of panties they see in the drawer and on they go, no matter that a lime green bra and pair of orange knickers just do not go together on this planet or any other!

I have been out with Thai girls when they are buying new underwear. They spend hours lingering over the lingerie and then choose bras that in no shape size, form or colour match the panties they are buying. I have always asked why would you buy those – why would you not buy matching sets or at least ones with similar colours and frills. The answer is always “what is the point, nobody sees them.” This is, of course, not true as anyone who has ever ridden an escalator in Thailand will attest – the short skirts and skimpy dresses hide little when you are at the top end of the escalator. Similarly wearing a black bra with a small tight white t-shirt shows everyone exactly what colour bra you selected for your time out at the mall!

It is, of course, not that they do not care – appearance is everything for Thai women. Everything, that is, apart from making sure their bra and panties are at the very least on nodding terms when it comes to style and colouring.

I have tried so hard at My Princess to get the girls to wear matching underwear. My business partner and I have even been out and purchased scores of sets of underwear and given them to the girls. This has, however, failed to have even the slightest impact and the underwear just gets thrown in to the drawer at home, jumbled up and the first bra and first pair of panties trick gets repeated. I have almost given up on this.

I have spent many hours trying to explain to the girls how much sexier they would look exiting a bathroom wearing a sexy (and matching) bra and panties – it certainly beats a towel wrapped round from shoulder to ankles. Again my words have fallen on fifty or more sets of deaf ears.

I now plan to start a competition. I will ask all of the girls to send me a picture or two of them in their sexiest bra and panties and these will be posted on our Facebook page. The winner will get a cash prize – the lure of money should be sufficient to at least see the girls wearing colours that closely resemble one another. If not, well, knickers to the lot of them I say!

Take care, keep healthy and keep visiting our site.

Thank you,