For many people writing a blog article or column every couple of weeks would be a chore.  Fortunately for me I enjoy writing and my only real problem is finding the time.  Once I get the germ of an idea I can sit at the keyboard and the words just flow.  Now perhaps the flow forms some kind of highly toxic and thus polluted river of words but it is a flow nonetheless.

I was exiled in northern central Thailand for almost the whole of 2012 and on a remote rice farm with a Thai family (mum, dad, their two teenage sons and a sixteen year old niece).  The only person who spoke some English was the father but he was away working on an oil rig four out of every six weeks.  My Thai is truly limited.  I can say hello and thank you and ask for the toilet but much else is beyond me – I have tried and failed to learn the language.

The rice farm spell was the first and only time I have taken my foot off the gas pedal in over forty years and was also my first experience of living a rural lifestyle.  There were no English language newspapers, no internet, television was purely Thai terrestrial channels and in ten months I never saw one person who was not a Thai national.  I was some sort of oddity of course and bemused the farmers and their families.  However, the kindness of these people, many of whom had very, very little money, was beyond compare.  It was a time I will always remember with great fondness.

I spent the first month or so throwing my toys out of the pram.  We all lived in one large room in the farmhouse and a mosquito net served to mark out ones bedroom.  I would clamber across and often in to mosquito nets as I made my way to the inside toilet which appeared after around four months of my internment.   Initially, however, the toilet was a hole in the ground some two hundred or more meters from the house.  The shower was a three sided corrugated metal building with no roof – rather a shame as a coconut tree sat directly above the shower room and would often release its produce on to any unsuspecting showeree.    I was fortunate to only have two incidents and obviously neither of these was fatal.

For the more self-conscious a linen cloth could be pulled across the entrance way when the shower was being used.  Rather typically the sixteen year old niece was the only one who bothered with such prudence.

The shower water was pumped in to a large urn from one of the local ponds.  The water was a light brown colour and certainly not something that I felt would be likely to get me clean.  As the months went on and the ponds dried up so the shower water turned in to a muddy sludge but by this time I was a native and cared not one jot.

Anyway, once I was settled in to a rural existence I decided to spend my time writing.  I wrote a book here that was published in 2007 and therefore considered myself to be a scribe of some repute – not much but some.  In six months I completed the first draft on three books.  If they were standard paperbacks then that would be around 1,400 pages in total and well in excess of half a million words.   You see, I may pour out crap but I sure can pour out lots of it and it quick time!

Since returning from the countryside I have worked.  First in a small hotel just off Sukhumvit in Central Bangkok and then setting up and operating My Princess, therefore my writing days have been severely limited (to zero) although, hopefully, I can get back to that in a few years’ time.

On the My Princess front I am off to Pattaya next week to see what I can salvage from that office since the departure of the manager.  It may well be a month or two before we get that unraveled and start moving forward again down on the coast.

We are in discussions to re-open ST Escorts during the summer but it will be purely as a ladyboy site.  I am meeting a ladyboy who will look after the day to day business and do the necessary recruiting next week.

We have several girls booked to go overseas in the next month or two and all require visas.  This will necessitate my accompanying them to various Embassies and Consulates across Bangkok to assist where I can.  It is almost guaranteed that at more than one time I will lose my cool with the girls and/or the officialdom that exists in these places.  Wish me luck!

Yesterday I added a new lady, 24 year old DREAM to the web site.  This girl is seriously cute, very playful and she also speaks excellent English.  Get in and see her quickly though as I already have an possible 3 month overseas booking for her so she will be gone until September if this comes to fruition.

Check out our SUMMER SEASON RATES as we have reduced prices by an average of over 25% across the board.  This is really a great time to take advantage of these special prices and have a beautiful young Princess visiting you.

Until next time, it’s been fun,