Over the last couple of weeks I have had several customers calling and emailing me for GENUINE pictures of our girls as opposed to the ‘obviously’ photo shopped images on our site!

As I have to tell everyone these pictures ARE the real deal.  I take them all myself and I am a dreadful photographer.  Once the girls leave I sit down and go through every picture but all I do is crop them and, where necessary, improve the exposure.  I do have the necessary software to change the way a girl appears but I will be totally honest with you in that I have no idea how to use it, save for cropping, re-sizing, rotating or changing the exposure levels.

What I do though is take a long time looking at each and every girl when I meet her in the flesh.  I look at her facial features, her body size and shape and whether or not she has scars or other blemishes that may prove unattractive to a customer.     Over seventy percent of the girls I see do not get anywhere near the site.  This is an explanation why I have said to many people that I should have another few girls starting in the next week and then none appear during that period.

Personally I prefer the slender and petite variety of lady.  A pretty face is also a must and a huge scar from, say, a caesarian section a complete no no.  I accept that some men prefer a fuller figure and therefore I added some slightly larger girls than would be my own personal preference.  However, viewing figures and booking numbers tend to suggest the vast majority of men prefer girls similar to my own tastes.

So, when you look at the gallery and see the pictures of the girls please be assured that this is exactly what they will look like when they arrive at your door and, due to my non-existent photographic skills, in many cases they will look considerably better.

Also over the past few weeks I have had one or two customers telling me that the girls are a little shy of doing certain acts that they have suggested.  I have to continuously point at that the majority of our girls are young students and not hardened sex workers who are off with several customers every day from their bar or go-go.  These are all genuine young ladies, many initially going with a foreign man for the first time.  Therefore what seems like part of the daily slog for a sex worker is a shock to the system for many of our girls – “do farang really want do that?” is a comment I hear from them almost every day!

It is not as though the girls are unwilling or incapable of doing many of the acts asked of them it is purely and simply that they have never encountered these things before.  What we are offering are young, pretty, sexy girls who are not available elsewhere.   Yes they may, in some cases, appear shy or even naïve but for me that is far better than a robotic and rather overused girl from a bar.  We simply offer you an alternative type of lady and one, who if treated kindly and gently, will give you an altogether different and, hopefully, preferable experience.

Now when all is said and done you gentlemen are the customers and it is our job to ensure that you receive value for money.   It is therefore worth your while dropping me an email and saying what your level of expectation is in terms of what you would like the young lady or ladies to do.  I can then speak with them and confirm to you that your desires will be met or otherwise.  Whatever you say to me is strictly in private, man to man, and nobody else, save the girls themselves, will ever know.  Additionally I have been around long enough to know we are all different and therefore I never make any judgement on any individual’s specific requests or requirements.  It is my business to ensure you are provided with a high quality service that satisfies whatever your desires may be – so long as we keep them all within the law!

Another area that bugs people – and believe what I say when I tell you it bugs me even more – is timekeeping.  I prattle on every single day to the girls, to my partner who deals with them and anyone who works with me that will listen about this.

Am I fighting a losing battle? – probably.  Will I ever give up? – most certainly not!  The Thais as a race are notorious for appalling time keeping with some considering being an hour late for an appointment actually arriving in good time!   Here I am talking about all Thai people not just working girls.  However, when it comes to pretty young Thai ladies who believe the entire planet revolves around them then getting them to understand being somewhere at a specific time means being somewhere at THAT specific time is not quite as easy as it may sound.

I have now introduced a system of fines for the girls if they arrive late and I am trialing this over the next few weeks.   Once I gauge the reaction then it is very likely I will institute this as a benefit for customers.  This would mean that should your girl arrive fifteen minutes late you get a discount on the price of B250 and a further B250 for every subsequent fifteen minutes of tardiness.  Hitting them where it really hurts seems to me to be the only way of counteracting this issue, however, I would rather not be having them paying fines and would much rather they turn up to meet you when they are supposed to.    I also know every single agency in Thailand has this as their number one issue to deal with.

Another ‘complaint’ to be dealt with here relates to those customers who again tell me that a girl would not do this or that.  In reality what they have asked for is not something the girls have ever said they would do – the customer has simply assumed, because he wants it, that it should be done.

It is very simple with us.  If you register as a member (we already have over 500 members in less than three months) then the general services offered or not offered appear on each girls own page in the members section.     Should your chosen lady not be shown to do something you wish then just ask me.  Again I can discuss this with her and if she agrees to provide the service for you it will be done and at no extra charge in the vast majority of cases.

What I certainly do not recommend is you asking a girl for something when she is with you and offering her more money to do it.  Should the girl give it a go and then find out she cannot fulfill your request there is a problem charging over the hill that can sometimes be difficult to stop.  Once a girl has money in her bag she is not overly keen to let it go and will consider an attempt to do something is the same as actually doing it to the full.

Recently I have added a comment to the web site (Rates & Info tab) about paying the girls extra money over and above the agency fee agreed.  If the girl asks you for a ‘tip’ or to pay her taxi fare then you are completely within your rights to say NO.    If a girl asks you for extra money to do something then call us immediately – my partner will then speak with you and the girl.  If she is asking for money to do something she states as part of her service she will be told in no uncertain terms to do it without an additional payment and to do it happily.  Should it be for an act she does not state is part of her service then at least my partner can get her assurance that she will perform said act to the full.

Well that is all from me for today.  I trust that you can understand how we are endeavoring to improve our own service standards and those of this industry in general.  Take care, live long and prosper.

Best Wishes,