Well if January is any sort of barometer for the rest of 2015 we are going to have a very exciting year ahead of us.  I was disappointed with the business levels over December which were around the same as in previous months.  However, January got off to a flying start and we have not stopped since then, one day we saw every available girl out enjoying their time in one plush hotel or another.

I have been spending most of my time sorting out our advertising campaigns for 2015 both here in Bangkok and also down in Pattaya. I spent a few days in Pattaya with the manager there, Mark, and we put a marketing plan together and met with the advertising people we had selected.  I believe the advertising in Pattaya will quickly give us an even higher profile and be a little different from what is normally done by companies such as ours.

In Bangkok I have entered in to a significant contract with STICKBOY (www.stickboybangkok.com) and that campaign will commence from 1st February.  I am also in ongoing discussions with FARANG FRIENDLY (www.farangfriendly.com) and they will be launching their new and exciting site in February which will see them climbing a number of the rankings on Google very quickly.

Many of you may have visited the STICKMAN Bangkok site and the guy who operates it, Paul, is a good friend of mine.  I wanted to advertise with him from the outset but he had agreed to an exclusive deal with one of our competitors.  As it now turns out Paul is heading home to New Zealand this year and will be leaving the site dormant.  I think this opens a door for the Stickboy site to expand in to.

My business partner, Bowling, has had a rough time of things in the past two months lurching from one ailment to another.  I believe that she was back in to work at top speed to soon after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl and has been paying the price for that.  However, she now appears to be on the mend and we need a fully fit Bowling to keep the business moving forward.  Bowling gets the new girls and right now that is what we are looking for in Bangkok.  I would like to see another ten pretty young things on our site before February is out.

Pattaya has been in operation for just under six weeks and now the wheels are turning.  Business is steady and growing every day.  We have some particularly attractive ladies down in Sin City and every single one of them looks so much better in the flesh than in their pictures.  I met with Gung; Mint; Nit and Nook whilst I was in Pattaya – just to say hello and have a chat you understand!  I was amazed at how very, very attractive they all were.

What really impressed me about the Pattaya girls was how quickly they have understood the My Princess philosophy. They all told me how much they enjoy being with customers for a set amount of time and getting to know them rather than the unemotional ‘knickers off, business, knickers back on and out the door’ routine employed by the bar and go-go girls.

Getting the Hua Hin agency opened remains high on the agenda and it will happen.  However, at this moment in time, it is more important for me to ensure we have Bangkok and Pattaya working exactly the way we want and both fully supported by high quality advertising.

Our Google rankings are now back at their highest levels after a drop through November and December.  Some of the downturn was due to new competitors coming on to the market but a change to some of the Google algorithms did not help.  Hard work by the S.E.O  team for the last three months has seen us regain lost ground and now start to push ahead once again.

Any and every business faces competition – if you know of one that doesn’t please tell me and I will be on to it like a shot.  Competition is to be embraced though.  It is the thing that stops us becoming complacent, keeps us on our toes and makes us more inventive.

My Princess in Bangkok got off to a far, far better start than I had envisaged and I am a huge optimist.  However, we were rather green and we made a few mistakes.  As we progress through 2015 I expect to see problems become minimal and for us to start to entrench ourselves as the leading escort service provider not only in Bangkok but across Thailand as a whole.

Whilst I may be repeating myself I still maintain this is the most stressful job I have ever undertaken and that includes owning and operating a three office real estate business in Central London.  I am constantly worrying about the girls turning up on time, that they will take requested uniforms or whatever with them, that they behave appropriately when they are with our customers and that they offer a service that more than justifies the fee.  Whilst everything works fine in the majority of cases there are, of course, the occasional blips although we can generally rectify these quickly.  However, no matter how hard I try, getting girls to turn up on time remains an uphill battle – that is scaling a very icy hill with only socks on your feet.  I promise I will keep trying to get the message home but I cannot promise I will succeed!

To be fair to the girls though Bangkok traffic really is a nightmare and no matter whatever they plan can go to pot by one unexpected delay.  At least in Pattaya getting around a much smaller city is a lot easier although I am very impressed how Mark and his colleague Kate get every girl to their appointment five minutes early.

I will hopefully be able to provide some links to our advertising campaigns both here and in Pattaya in my first February blog.  In the meantime be safe and be happy.

Cheers,  Kevin