Well I have been known to blow my own trumpet from time to time and, perhaps, on occasion, exaggerate my efforts, sterling as they may have been.  However, these past few weeks I have been both physically and mentally hard at work, nose firmly fixed to the metaphorical grindstone.  It is now Sunday, things are a little quieter, and thus I am taking the opportunity to post this fortnight’s blog article.  The mayhem will, most definitely, resume again tomorrow.

So what have I been up to I hear you ask with your breath baited and you hunched over your computer screen to hear the latest installment of my normal sedentary life.  Well let’s take the physical side of things first and immediately dispel your thoughts that I have been ‘testing’ several new and beautiful young nymphs desperate to work at My Princess.  Alas, if only that were the case.

Actually I have been painting.  Not the most arduous of chores I will normally admit but at my age and in forty degree temperatures with no air conditioning or even a solitary fan I can assure you it counts as serious hard graft.  I had somehow talked myself in to getting started on the top floor attic room in the house.  This space has been designated as our photographic studio and grand plans were laid several months ago.  Paint colour’s selected, murals chosen and flooring decided upon.  It would simply be a matter of getting in the necessary artisans to undertake the tasks presented to them and everything would be completed in the blink of an eye.

Of course when I was making the plans I had not even seen the room.  It was on the top floor and the last staircase was a rather shaky construction only slightly better than an old ladder.  I was happy to take my business partners description of the room and obviously could gauge the size – it went from front to back and side to side across the house, a decent size which I estimated at around sixty square meters.

Well after three months where there was a distinct lack of aforementioned artisans I decided the time was here for me to go and take a look for myself.  I heaved my overweight body up the steep and rickety staircase and stood with mouth agape at what confronted me.   Images of the Battle of the Somme immediately flashed through my mind with fallen heroes replaced by at least a decade’s worth of trash.  The landlords had obviously decided to put every bit of junk in this room during their tenure without considering whether they would ever need it again.  It would most certainly have been considerable easier to put the rubbish out on the street and let the refuse collectors deal with it.

I was not going to be moving the attic’s detritus that was for sure and immediately arranged for my partner to get hold of a couple of lads who would be happy to earn a few hundred baht with some lifting and carrying down four flights of stairs.  There was no problem in finding the willing workers but when the task was completed, some eight hours after starting, the cost was a few thousand rather than a few hundred Baht.   Still the room was now emptied, save for a few immovable items one of which was a full exercise machine standing over two meters tall and of a similar length.  I decided, given its almost pristine condition, to retain this item, although not for my personal fitness enhancement, despite my body certainly needing that, but as an item the girls can use for the occasionally slightly different picture.  So if you see girls on a home gym in our pictures later this year you now know exactly how that came about.

So, by Wednesday of last week I was ready to start working.  I had been to Home-Pro and purchased paint, brushes and rollers along with wall filler for the few gaping holes I had spotted.  I cleaned the walls and brushed the ceiling and spent the next hour coughing, spluttering and sneezing as at least two inches of dust eventually settled to the floor.  Roller to the ready I started on the ceiling, a job I had estimated that would take two hours maximum.  WRONG!  BIG WRONG.  The ceiling was damp and the plasterboard covering peeled away as I applied the paint.  Up and down the ladder, scraping off the loose areas and then desperately trying to get the paint to stick took me five hours.  When I looked up at least half the ceiling was bare – another five hours were spent repainting and, of course, praying that it would eventually take to the surface it was intended rather than simply peeling off and landing regularly on my bald pate.   Ten hours of climbing up and down a step ladder or having ones arms outstretched with the roller saw me almost completely exhausted.  I did mention it was forty degrees did I not!

I showered immediately and collapsed on to my bed.  It was seven in the evening when I fell in to a sound sleep.  I awoke around twelve hours later with a searing pain in both my shoulders and arms.  My back did not feel great and my thigh and calf muscles ached to the point where simply standing upright saw me in agony.  However, despite my now wretched aching and old body being in such a poor state, I knew there was still much, much more work to be done.  One of my best characteristics, and I do not have many, is a fierce determination to keep going regardless of the situation.  So I heaved myself back up to the attic along with several liters of water – a lesson learned from the previous day.  I managed to complete the first coat on all of the walls although it looked quite awful.  Off white paint on top of the previous brown colour meant two coats were always going to be the minimum requirement.  I also managed a bit more work on the ceiling and headed back down to my room for yet another early night – again completely exhausted.

Day three of my mental timetable was when everything should come together.  Believe it or believe it not that is exactly what happened.  Only a few minor glitches with the second coat of paint on the ceiling and the walls were as easy as pie this time around.    I sat in the solitary, now paint spattered, chair and looked at the room with new eyes.  It was fantastic.  Windows at both ends of the room and a large roof terrace to the rear.  A bathroom that needs the attention of a plumber but which is otherwise fine and no working electrics but that will be easily fixed.  Yes this will make a fine photographic studio.  Were I twenty years younger it would have been a room I would have chosen for myself but I cannot face four flights of stairs on a regular basis.

Now the recent mental exertions.  These have been as a result of securing two overseas contracts, one in Asia and the other Africa.  I am working on estimated figures of needing to send over 100 girls on three monthly contracts to one or both of the destinations by the end of the year.  Obviously this means recruiting girls from outside of My Princess and I know that will be no walk in the park.

I had spent a few weeks doing my due diligence of both operators and also meeting with the operators here in Bangkok. Everything has checked out and these are professional and legitimate business operators so we are well clear of the risk of human trafficking violations.  I prepared a ten page brochure for both countries with details and pictures of the hotel they will be staying at; information about the country; details of the job; expected earnings; customer profiles; visa and passport requirements and so forth.  My business partner and I have now strategized the recruitment and this will start in earnest from next week.   Should we be able to get the necessary numbers of girls then we will be looking at My Princess really taking off as a group later this year or early 2016.

We are also now ready to launch ST Escorts (www.stescortsbangkok.com) as a dedicated Ladyboy site and so far have seven very attractive escorts available – this number will double over the next couple of weeks.  Meen, a ladyboy who is on the site and resembles Sandra Bullock in many ways, is the manager and she will be undertaking all of the day to day operating functions.  She is extremely capable and like all of the escorts speaks excellent English so I have one hundred percent confidence in her.

Once the literal and metaphorical dust settles from the efforts of the past few weeks then attention will be turned to getting Pattaya back on track.  I was told that the business there was never going to work but in the last few weeks we have received more email inquiries every day and twice the number of telephone inquiries for Pattaya than we get for My Princess Bangkok.  In my mind it is now simply about getting the right caliber of ladies to work with us and then that business will fly.

I am going to be giving the business everything I have for the next month and then, hopefully, get away for a few days in late July.  I would like to try somewhere different so perhaps a few days on the beach in Koh Samui may be on the cards.

Well that is all from me for now.  See you again at the beginning of July.

Take care,