Well apologies for missing the blog post at the beginning of July but I have not stopped for the last few weeks and hardly had time to breathe.   I purchased an android television box with the hope of watching the Ashes Test series (England versus Australia at cricket for those of you not familiar with this).  I think I saw about two hours play in total over the four days the game was on.

This week, starting Thursday, is the British Open Golf championship and, starting the same day, the second England versus Australia test match.  The British open is my favourite sporting event of the year despite the fact that I do not play golf!  I have done my very best to make sure I have some free time to see some of the golf and cricket but knowing my luck recently I will miss the bloody lot!

A strange month was June but then, for me, any month without the English Premier League and my beloved Crystal Palace is strange.  There is that feeling of emptiness every Saturday evening at around nine or ten in the evening when there is no football on the television.  I know most of you are fit young people and Saturday night is all about getting dressed up and hitting the town – alas (or hooray) those days are well behind me now and a comfortable chair, cup of cocoa and the telly are the best I can look forward to!

I guess there are some saving graces in my life of serenity (ha ha) and the fact that I spend most of my days looking at pretty young girls in various states of undress helps keep me feeling young.  The mind races with thoughts of what jumping in to bed with any one of these girls would be like although I know the body is far from capable of doing anything I may have considered!

Last time I mentioned we had two overseas contracts I have been working on.  Well one of those turned out to be a non-starter.  The goalposts were moved with every conversation and this started to concern me.  Another face to face meeting in Bangkok a few weeks back then suggested an alternative option – and this was what they were always aiming for in my opinion.  It was for girls to go and work from their bedrooms in a seedy brothel house in Hong Kong – you know the type – they get raided by the police every week over there!  I immediately cut the cord on that as I do not want to be party to any girls working in those types of environments.  Working in a decent hotel and having separate accommodation is fine but it is always the girls’ safety that is my priority.

We now have three ladies out in Zambia and they have been there nearly one week now – Nadia, Nok and Fa.  We are presently looking at lining up another five girls to join them over the next couple of weeks.   The advance guard report back to Bowling every day and it does appear that they are having a great time.  They have a fantastic large hotel room, they get room service and the room is cleaned every day.  Their clothes are washed and ironed for free and they can eat what they want when they want – rather surprisingly they have taken a fancy to grilled steaks from the hotel barbeque!

They all say they are treated very well and the hotel is new and beautifully fitted out.  They work from early afternoon until just after midnight and seem to spend all of their time drinking with customers in the Karaoke lounge.  We have shown the pictures of their accommodation to some girls who have worked in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore and every one of them is jealous.  They all lived is rooms smaller than a shoebox and were expected to entertain customers in the rooms as well as live in them.  They had to pay for food and drink and worked the first month for no money to cover the agents’ costs.  It really does appear that whilst difficult to attract girl’s to Africa once they get there they will have a fantastic time as well as the chance to earn a good salary for three months, or longer if they wish.

I am hoping to get out for a week and see the girls and where they work and then take a trip to Victoria Falls.  I also plan to visit Kafue National Park and a short safari.  Given that despite travelling to numerous places around the world I have never been to Africa it seems like a good idea to take a peek.

I will try and get back to the normal blog schedule at the beginning of August but will sign off now and crack on with the several thousand jobs that await me.

Take care,