I offer my sincere apologies for having missed out on posting the last couple of blogs in line with my normal schedule.  To say I have been busy does not quite cover it and the mayhem is far from over.

This weekend I am moving home and travelling about one mile up the road to my new abode.  I am expecting the guys with a pick-up to be here on Sunday morning and ninety percent plus is already packed and ready to go.  I have left myself a bit of time though; if you live in Thailand you will know things go wrong ALWAYS!  Therefore I am keeping my condo on until end March so, hopefully, unforeseen problems will not cause me any undue stress.

My two young puppies arrive Sunday afternoon and today (Friday 13th) I am off to a large pet shop to buy all manner of things for them.  I am getting a Rottweiler and a Siberian Huskie who will go by the names of Bonnie and Clyde.

The dogs will force me to get out and about at least a couple of times a day to take them ‘walkies’ and therefore aid my attempt to get a little fitter…having spent the past six months getting nothing but a little fatter!  As you will all know these young pups will soon turn in to rather large dogs and they will need their exercise.

Business has been good in the main for the past month or so.  Early in February we were forced to say goodbye to six or so girls, including two of the busiest young ladies.  Unfortunately they went from drug users to drug abusers and this started having a severe impact on their attitude and behavior.  I like to give everyone a fair chance but when a girl starts upsetting the customers it is time for them to depart.

Over the last two to three weeks we have been delighted to welcome some fresh faces and these changes have proved extremely positive.  We have been joined by the cheeky young Orange (aged 18); very attractive JaJa (19); studious and captivating Fern (19); voluptuous Soda (21) and extremely outgoing Sand (23).

The new girls have settled in well and already I am receiving positive feedback on every one of them.  The only problem experienced was with Fern and she is an intelligent university student!  She went on her first appointment earlier this week and spent almost two hours frantically chasing all over a hotel ground floor looking for the customer who was sat waiting for her in the lobby bar.  Eventually it dawned on her something was amiss – she was in the wrong hotel!  Okay I was doing my normal jumping up and down at the time but these things happen and I am sure she will know be checking the location very carefully and not relying on what a taxi driver tells her!

I was down in Pattaya last week and business there is moving forward although perhaps not quite at the speed I would like.  That is no reflection on Mark who is managing the office as he is putting one hundred percent effort in and I could do no more than is presently being done.  We had some delays with the advertising but that is now resolved so hopefully things will start to pick up over the next month or two.

Recently I have made a couple of minor adjustments to the site with the main change being to do away with the separation between Student and Teacher Princesses, all the girls now appear in the same gallery.  I have also deleted the Mistresses section although if this is a service anyone wants they only have to ask.

I have recently been giving some thought to offering other offices outside of Bangkok on a Franchise arrangement with prices varying according to the location.  I will provide the web site and ongoing servicing; SEO services plus free advertising via the My Princess Group.  Full training will be provided together with ongoing assistance as and when required – this too will be completely free of charge.  Once the Franchise Fee has been paid there will then only be a monthly management charge of THB35,000 to cover the SEO and site maintenance charges.

Locations such as Phuket; Hua Hin; Chiang Mai; Ko Samui; Udonthani are all available and I will be delighted to discuss the opportunity with anyone who may be interested in owning their own business here in Thailand.

This is something that can be launched within a matter of weeks and in virtually all of these areas I have contacts who will assist you in the most important role of getting the girls signed up to your agency.  I am obviously open to hearing of any other places you may want to consider opening a My Princess office in.

The business can be operated from your home and is ideal if you want a small enterprise to run with your Thai wife or girlfriend that involves only a minimum outlay and virtually no risk.  There is no limit to what you can achieve and this is a far safer investment than operating, for example, a bar or any other type of entertainment business.

Please get in touch with me at [email protected] if you wish to discuss this opportunity.

So, a little shorter Blog than usual but I have so much to do and it is not easy to focus totally at the moment.  I will be back in the next couple of weeks with all the latest news from My Princess and let you know how the move went plus a full update on Bonnie and Clyde.

Take care and best wishes,