I really have to stop – I must be driving my web designer absolutely crazy.  Every time he thinks I have done all I can I manage to come up with another idea – or five!

I want to make this site much more interactive and to add features that make it worth you visiting regularly.  This is not just another escort site nor is it designed to be just another escort business.  We want to grow and develop to become the leading escort provider in Thailand and to provide a level of service that gives you great value for money and more besides.

Every day my business partner and I learn something new.  Every day we explain new things to the girls and every day they and we get better.  No we are not perfect, nobody is, but we try and will keep on trying until we are as good as we possibly can be.

Before telling you of some of the new features that will be available on the web site in the next month or so I want to get something off my chest.  I am a true and honest person and all that know me will testify to this.  When there is a problem I listen to both sides of the story and try to broker a reasonable solution.  I will also admit when we have made a mistake and do what I can to atone for our error.

This is a two way street though and there needs to be some understanding of what we are building at My Princess from our customers.  Ninety nine percent of you are wonderful to do business with, professional people who are polite and considerate and who also understand Thailand is not the same as elsewhere in many regards.

However, one or two people simply regard the girls at My Princess as whores. They are rude, inconsiderate and expect girls to do things that they clearly state they will not do – even when they have asked the question when making a booking and been told the girl will not do whatever they ask.  Still they persist when the girl arrives and then get angry or upset when she does not comply with their request.

If you want a girl who will do just about anything for cash then there are hundreds of places in Bangkok you can go to find such a lady, good luck with that.  At My Princess you are being treated to natural, intelligent, beautiful, young girls.  They willingly spend their time with you and they are all smashing people.  Treat them with some respect, understand that they have feelings as well and by doing this your experience will be greatly enhanced.

If you think that you can book a Princess, pay her when she comes to your room and then have three of your friends walk out of the bathroom naked ready and expecting to gang bang her then you are wrong.  If anyone ever pulls a stunt like that again then, let’s just say, I will most certainly not be amused.   Fortunately the incident of this nature passed off without a problem as the girl simply gave the money back and walked out of the room but I can only imagine that she must have been terrified.

So back to the web site and what has been or is due to happen soon:

  1. The My Princess Escorts FACEBOOK page now has its own ‘vanity’ URL.  This means all you have to do is go to  https://www.facebook.com/myprincessbkk and you can see the content.  From next week girls will be adding pictures of themselves taken either by friends or ‘selfies.’ Natural pictures of them in their daily lives and not made up for the camera.  There is a link directly from the site to the Facebook page but, as yet, it is not working – see bottom right of the HOME page.  This should be sorted out in the next few days.
  2. We are looking to add VIDEO images to the site and the mechanics for this are presently being put in place.  The girls will introduce themselves, say a few words and tease you with a little strip down to their underwear.  Hopefully I can ensure they are wearing sexy underwear and not the first bra and pair of panties they found in the drawer!
  3. We will be adding a MONTHLY POLL where you get to vote for your favourite Princess.  The winning girl becomes the Princess of the Month for the following month as well as receiving a small financial reward from me.  It may interest you to know that whoever the Princess of the Month is gets almost double the number of page views than any other girl.
  4. A ‘RETURN TO GALLERY’ button will be put on each girl’s home page rather than you having to hit the back button on your browser.
  5. A MONTHLY COMPETITION will be introduced.  We will announce the winner in the beginning of the month blog post and the prize will be a FREE two hour session with the girl of your choice, subject to availability, to be taken anytime within six months of the result being announced.  I will not be making it easy though but assure you every competition will be related to our girls at My Princess.
  6. You may have noticed our LOGO has changed and is now a lot cleaner and punchier.  The same logo will be present on the Pattaya and Hua Hin sites just with different colours to distinguish them from each other.

As regards the Pattaya agency we have had to delay the opening by about six weeks.  I went to Pattaya last week for four days having been told all the girls were ready for me to interview and have pictures taken.  Well guess what – nothing had been done.  Those of you who know Pattaya will not be in the least surprised by this but I can tell you my temper was not too well controlled.  A brand new team is now in place and I am hoping to make a return trip early August to get things going.

Hua Hin is actually slightly ahead of schedule although I am still not pushing its opening date forward just yet.  We still hope to have this agency open by late October.

Well that is that from me.  Now it is time to have some food, get to bed very, very early and then up at 02:00 for the World Cup final.  I am going for Germany to win 2-0.

To all of you I really appreciate you taking the time to read this blog.  For those of you who have seen a lady or ladies from My Princess I look forward to hearing from you again in the near future.  For those who have not yet tried our services I look forward to hearing from you soon – these hot young girls are waiting for your call!

Take care,