If you are a regular reader of this Blog, and why wouldn’t you be, then you will be aware I have returned from a visit to Hua Hin where I was hoping to set up the My Princess business.  A three day trip was booked and I arrived on Monday of last week ready, excited and eager to get things going.

So what happened?  Well shortly after arriving and checking in to my hotel room I received a phone message from Bowling (my business partner) to advise me the lady we have working in organizing the girls is in hospital.  Pictures accompanied the sad news and there is the lady, lying is a hospital bed with her neck bandaged and friends around her all looking suitably sad.

It appears that the night before this lady had an altercation with her somewhat drunken and philandering partner.  She confronted him about the error of his ways, not the brightest thing to do when a man has imbibed a little too much, and he responded by getting a knife and slashing her throat.  It is now probably too late for relationship guidance counseling!

Having checked the lady was okay we tried to move things forward and she provided the name of one of the students who would work for us.  We contacted her and she promised to arrange the girls to come and take pictures, complete the paperwork and so forth.  The three days was extended to six days.

We heard nothing for twenty-four hours so contacted her again.  Still nothing and another day slipped by.  Eventually she called to tell us she had been arrested by the police who raided a party she was attending where drugs had been found.  Her parents had to bail her out and, eventually, she was released with no charges but was still left with a very unhappy mummy and daddy!  She had to go home with them for a few days, no doubt to listen to a reading of the riot act.  She could not assist us during the week.

So there you are, six nights in Hua Hin, great hotel, fantastic scenery, Loy Krathong going on during this time and I get zip.  As I have said before when you are trying to do something here if it can go wrong it will go wrong!

So another trip to Hua Hin has to be planned subject, of course, to the nine hundred million things that could happen to make it another pointless trip.  Stay positive Kevin, stay positive!

Looking now to the other disaster zone that has been Pattaya and the candle of hope there is flickering once again.  I now have an office organized which I take over on 13th of this month – tomorrow.  I am not superstitious and rather believe that if there are going to be huge problems in getting the Pattaya agency going, as there have been already,  then it makes damn little difference what day I sign a lease.

I have a new guy lined up to run the Pattaya agency and have arranged excellent accommodation for him through a friend at a really attractive rent.  He flies in from the U.K in the morning and has a good local knowledge when it comes to Sin City.  Ever the optimist, despite Thailand doing its level best to knock that out of me, I am hopeful we will start to see forward movement here from next week.

I had a book published when I had only been living in Thailand a couple of years, a humorous anecdotal look at the things that happened as I started my new life in the Land of Smiles.  I think about it now and believe it to be truly awful despite having sold at least a couple of thousand copies and receiving good reviews.  I also received hundreds of emails from those who enjoyed the read and a few from people who said I had either made everything up or grossly exaggerated the tales.  The truth is that there is no need to make things up here, life in Thailand is most certainly weirder than any fictional tales one could ever come up with.

Next week I plan to quit smoking.  I am off to see a highly recommended hypnotherapist who will wave his fob watch in front of my eyes and an hour later I will wake and be free of the beast.  Okay, not going to happen like that but he has a one hundred percent record of getting clients to stop smoking so I am quietly confident.

If you are a smoker you will know how those little nicotine sticks rule your life.  In Thailand at least there are bars you can go to and many restaurants and cafes with outside seating that enable you to light up and relax.  However, the indoor restaurants are a no go area for me, bars that do not permit smoking much the same and the thought of going back to the west where you cannot smoke anywhere just fills me with dread.  Please wish me good luck with this, I really want to quit and after almost fifty years as a nicotine addict it is surely about time!

Thank you to those of you who wrote to me about our pictures which I remarked upon in the previous post.  I was quite taken aback by the number of you who contacted me and delighted that every single person who did so said they like our pictures just the way they are.  As I said, thanks for that guys.

New escort agencies appear to be popping up in Bangkok almost every week.  Many of them find their way on to page one of the most popular Google ‘key word’ searches very quickly before drifting back to relative obscurity.  It does, however, mean that we have to continuously be aware of what is happening and ensure that our S.E.O team are doing everything to keep us high up on page one for the majority of categories.

We had a long spell in the number one spot, over four months, but recently slipped back to third or fourth place.  We are now having work done that will hopefully see us back to number one in the next few weeks.  I am not afraid of competition, actually I embrace it.  Good, honest, fair competition only spurs us on to not only keep our standards but look to improve on them.  Recently we have received some excellent reviews on our young ladies and customers are returning to us on a regular basis.

I think we need to remember we have only been operating for just over six months and have come a very long way in such a short space of time.  I genuinely believe we are the best agency in Bangkok, probably the whole of Thailand, when it comes to providing eighteen to twenty-three year old girls who have great personalities and that combination of naivety and sexiness.  They may not be the most experienced of girls but that is surely the real attraction.  What is guaranteed is that they are all willing to learn and they really love doing what they do.  You would not believe how many girls return from an appointment saying positive things about the guy they have just met and wishing they could have spent longer with them.

These are not girls who spend their time waiting for the session to be over, these are intelligent and pretty young ladies who really, genuinely love your company.

So now I am gearing up for the Christmas and New Year madness.  The winner of this month’s poll will be getting dressed up in a SEXY SANTA costume so get your votes in and choose who you want to see in and out of a Santa costume.

Take care, go in peace and if you are here in Bangkok give us a call and see a young lady from My Princess.