I have been very mindful of the fact that at inception My Princess started life providing only girls aged from 18 to 23, it was what we took to be our niche in a very crowded market.

Over the past year many girls have come and gone and the age range of our escorts has changed considerably.  We now have three or so girl aged 30 or over and each and every one of them is a delight to work with.  They arrive on time, speak excellent English and are mature and sophisticated offering customers a truly excellent service.

The younger ladies, with some notable exceptions, proved very difficult to deal with.  Drugs and Boyfriends and more often than not a combination of both led to problem after problem.  Girls would not arrive at appointments and would be lying to us as to their intentions.  It was common for Bowling to be told by a girl she was only moments away from the rendezvous point when, in fact, she was either incapable of movement because of drugs or having a high old time with her present beau.

We had to get rid of those girls and some twenty plus young ladies have departed this year alone through us being forced to dismiss them.

We certainly did not want the constant headaches we were getting and through them letting valuable customers down – that is hardly the way to expand a business.  We therefore spent a long time thinking of how we could get back to having a good selection of young ladies without the issues that had gone before.

Earlier this year we introduced random drug testing.  Any girl not prepared to participate was immediately dismissed and any girl who failed the test either put on a final warning or dismissed depending on the severity of usage and type of drugs involved.

We then recruited new girls with very stringent rules relating to attitude, behavior and, of course, drugs.  We also made it clear that the customer came first when they were offered a booking and NOT their boyfriend who would still be around the next day and the day after.

In the last few weeks we have seen FERN return after several months of serious studying at University and three new girls HONEY; NAME and MAY have joined in the last three or four weeks.  We are now in a position to offer over 50% of our ladies between the age of 18 to 23 and to know these young ladies will give the type of experience we know our customers rightly demand.

NAME and MAY are brand new as of today and both are extremely cute and fresh.  MAY gives the impression of being a little shy and needs some encouragement to start off but she soon gets comfortable and relaxes before then providing an exceptional experience.   NAME is a real little cutie who is very focused on making her partner enjoy every second of his time with her and I can see her being a huge hit.

HONEY is the talk of Bangkok right now and is a sensational young lady.  She is adorable and very adventurous and extraordinarily mature for her age.  She speaks very good English and can also converse in Japanese, Chinese and Korean to a more than basic level.  I get almost daily comments praising HONEY and she is receiving numerous reviews on the web site – all very, very positive.

FERN is an intelligent and studious girl but one of the sexiest ladies I have ever met.  She is a pleasure to spend time with and will happily show you the sights of Bangkok.

NADIA has been with us over a year now and remains my favourite girl.  She is just such a delightful young lady who is another young lady with whom it is a pleasure to spend time with.  Of course she is a very cute girl but NADIA is so much more than that and several customers have inquired about marrying her and taking her off overseas – it will happen one day I am sure but for now NADIA remains very much part of the My Princess stable.

NAT is still here and has matured considerably these past ten months or so.  Unfortunately it looks as though we may be losing her soon as she has finished school and is looking for a permanent job outside of this business.  I wish her well as I have always liked NAT and her ever smiling face.

Twenty year old TOOK is the enigmatic one.  Rarely smiling and often looking very sultry.  However, TOOK is a bundle of fun and just goes in to this sultry phase whenever a camera comes out.  She is intelligent, speaks good English and has a terrific figure.

FANG; TU; JOY; ICE and SODA make up the list of girls in the 18 to 23 age range and are all exceptional young ladies, very cute and very, very pleasant company.

So if you are looking for a young lady now is the time to get in touch with us at MY PRINCESS and book one of these lovely lasses.  I can assure you they will arrive on time, or as close to it as we can manage and delight you for the entire duration of your booking.