2nd May, 2014

So that is our first month done and dusted.  In many ways April was better than anticipated although it is true to say we experienced a few teething problems along the way.

For those of you who may think this is an easy business to operate well you will have to rethink that notion – it is as tough as any business if the goal is to provide a first class service in a highly competitive market place.

I went in to the business having thought of the things I wanted to do differently from other similar agencies and believed I knew most of the things that could go wrong.  I didn’t.

Of course I never expected to lose ten ladies at the end of the first week  – signed up to go on tour across SE Asia with a travelling motor show.   If you lose half of your employees at any time it is a huge problem but to lose them after only one week was pretty devastating.

The next unforeseen problem was the girls.  Yes all bright, all cute and all very attractive.  All willing to work – or so it appeared.  What threw me though was not realizing that once the girls had done a few customer visits they would have cash in their pockets and thus not bother to show up for subsequent appointments.  Egg, and lots of it, all over my face.

So I have had to sit down, take stock and re-think.  I could not just say goodbye to four girls who let us down given we had lost ten girls at the start of the month.  So I tried talking to them, giving higher incentives and continuously endeavouring to make them feel part of the agency.  It did not work – still girls failed to show up for appointments they had promised us faithfully they were on their way to.

So the carrot failed to get their attention and it was time to bring out the stick.  Now I am mid-way through getting in several new, young and very pretty girls to replace those that do not see the necessity to turn up where and when they are supposed to.

Some new girls are already on the site with Nat, Yim and Aom having joined us in the last few days.  I am hopeful pictures and bios can be done for at least another four girls before the end of next week.   There are a few real stunning girls in the wings although I appreciate what is stunning for one man is not necessarily the case for another.  Me – I like small, petite and pretty girls and I try to get as many on board that fit this profile.

On a more positive note we are almost at one hundred members which is far beyond my imaginings in the first month.  If you have not registered to be a member I strongly suggest you do so – more pictures of the girls where available, details of their services shown and member’s special offers are available.

With our present listing on Google page two thousand four hundred and seventy nine (slight exaggeration) we are obviously not getting the volume of calls or emails that we hope to achieve in due course but this was anticipated.  Booking numbers are in fact fifty percent higher than estimated in the first month.  The S.E.O work is now well underway and it is anticipated that our climb up the Google ladder will start to take place in the next few weeks.

With girls on board who now understand what is expected of them in terms of reliability and the university semester only a month away I am confident that My Princess will expand considerably in a very short period of time.  Perhaps it is fortunate in its own way that we were able to identify some of the problems so early in our venture.

Please guys keep checking back to see our new girls and experience a few hours, the whole night or several days with one of these beautiful ladies.

Finally for those of you wishing to make a booking please give us much notice as you are able.  Remember also that the booking is not officially confirmed and the girl will not commence her journey until your room number is known and has been verified by the My Princess Admin Team.

Keep well.

Best Wishes,